Back to normal

Today I started feeling better, and actually cleaned my kitchen and living room, and did 2 loads of laundry.  Part of my house looks presentable.  Not much was accomplished while I was lying around in pain with dry sockets.  Yeah, I went to the oral surgeon on Monday and had the right side packed, and Tuesday for the left side.  Dry sockets are not fun, let me tell you!  I’m ready to feel normal and eat normal food.  I have to go back on Friday to have the sockets repacked.  This was the year I was going to sleep in and not go out on Black Friday.  Well, at least I won’t be standing in line at Target in the cold for 2 hours like last year.  Ahh, memories….

The rundown

Wednesday I had my lower wisdom teeth cut out.  They left the roots on the left side because they were wrapped up in the nerve, but they took the crown.  Everything on the right is gone.  I stayed in bed Wednesday afternoon and evening, and most of Thursday.  Thursday night Brooke cheered her 2nd game, and I went to see it.  I was pretty miserable when we left, and came back home to bed.  All of this has been leading up to Friday evening, when Brooke and I have tickets to see Twilight.  Something we both have been looking forward to since we read the books.  At one point I thought I was going to have Brian drive us to the theater, if I was still on pain meds.  That didn’t happen, and we ended up going on our own.  I was hurting but trying to be excited for Brooke.  It was pretty crazy when we arrived, with a long line and screaming at the beginning.  I had a talker sitting beside me.  When Edward came on screen, she was like “WHUT?”  and then she snorted.  Yeah, I said snorted.  She didn’t like the choice for Edward, and I think you’re not a true twilight fan if you’ve not watched every trailer at least 100 times before the movie came out.  Then she kept talking about the volvo, and snorting at inappropriate times.  Brooke said she had a laugher beside her.  They kind of ruined it for us.  We loved the book, and had so much expectations for the movie.  The movie itself was excellent, it was just the company we shared it with, and my pain level.  I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so we can grab a blanket and watch it on the couch.  That will be awesome. 

So I think maybe I have dry socket.  I can’t imagine why the pain is getting worse as the days go by.  My MIL said I’ve tried to do too much too soon, which could be true, but why does it still hurt when I’m laying around?  Just biding my time until I can get an appointment tomorrow and see what’s up.  I wanna be done with this!!

A rant

There’s something I have to get off my chest!  I’ve been fighting this impacted wisdom tooth for a week now.  A WEEK!  I’ve been back and forth, and yesterday I had an I-Cat scan which shows a 3D view of my teeth and the nerve that runs along the lower jaw.  The whole process of situating me in the chair took longer than the scan.  Really, the scan was 20 seconds.  I then had to wait for forty minutes to get a copy on a CD so I could take it to the oral surgeon today.  When the disc was ready they brought it out to me, and the girl said she had billed insurance, and my part was $350.00.  $350!!!!!  For 20 seconds!!! What?! 

OK, that’s not my rant.  It is one, but I have lots because I’ve been in pain, for a week, and I literally felt like I was going to go crazy.  I’ve been a witch at times, because it hurts, and I’m a mom…so I can’t just lay down and do nothing.  I’m a mom and I have things to do, kids to take care of.  It doesn’t all stop just because I hurt!  So, I had an appointment at 2:15 today at the oral surgeons, to go over the Cat scan.  I was fully prepared to beg him to cut it out today.  I can’t wait!  It’s been a week.  All weekend I thought, ok, Monday.  It’ll be over Monday.  Then yesterday it hit me that , Tuesday, maybe it would all be over.  One more day. 

Brian was supposed to come home from work, then we were gonna take Matthew to grandma’s.  About 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave, I called Brian because I hadn’t heard from him.  He told me in a tense voice that he wasn’t able to leave, so I’d have to go by myself.  Apparently one of his crybaby employees had said something about Brian leaving work for me because he’d seen me taking Brooke to school, so apparently I wasn’t too bad off.  Hhmmm…deep breath….  OK, again, I am a mom, and I can’t just not take care of my kids or send them to school!!!  So I got Matthew and we set off to grandma’s house.  I was just so upset, in order to cut my tooth out, I need someone with me to drive me home.  Now this wasn’t going to happen today either.  I decided to call this employee and give him a piece of my mind.  When he got on the phone, I proceeded to rant about how it was none of his business if I wanted to sit up awake in the chair all night because I was in pain, and then take my child to school, nor was it any of his business if Brian wanted to take me.  I informed him that Brian was his boss, and he shouldn’t have to be there to hold his hand every second.  I also told him that I had been in pain for a week, and if the surgeon couldn’t remove my tooth today because Brian wasn’t there, I would be over there to kick his a**.  I said a few more things and then hung up on him.  By this time my mother in law was standing there in shock.  She quickly changed her clothes and said she was coming with me, and if they could do the extraction, she would stay. 

I was so mad that I was shaking.  My tooth/jaw was hurting from yelling and clenching my teeth, and I felt bad for losing it like I did.  I also felt a little bit good because he deserved to hear it, and I had every right in saying what I said, just minus the expletives that came out.  That I could’ve handled better! 

We went to the oral surgeon’s office, my mother in law left me to go pick up Brooke from school, and then she would be back.  As I sat in the waiting room, it hit me that I might have made it more difficult for Brian.  Then I felt guilty.  I texted him that I was sorry, and he called me back.  He had no idea what had happened, so the other guy had said nothing.  I told him what I’d done, and that I was sorry. 

I was called back, and the oral surgeon told me that he couldn’t open the disc to view the cat scan, but he actually was going to a conference about the Cat scans tonight.  He was going to take the disc with him, but they scheduled me for 11:00am tomorrow to have both of the lower wisdom teeth extracted.  He’s going to call me tonight and let me know what the plan is, either take the entire tooth, or just the crown if the root is in or too close to the nerve that it might cause damage to the nerve.  He gave me more Penicillin and a stronger pain pill too. 

I took my mother in law home and had a half hour before Zach was due home from school, so I ran over to the shop to confront this guy who had ruined my day.  Yeah, I went P-O-S-T-A-L on the phone to him already, but I’m still mad.  Did I mention that I’ve been in pain for a week, and I had one last nerve left and he got on it?  Anyway, he wasn’t there, so I came home and picked Zach up, then we had forty minutes until Brooke had an orthodontist appointment.  So I went back.  Brian told me he was gone again, and asked me to drop it.  I know he’s right, but my stubborn self has to have the last word, which technically I did since I hung up on him, but still!  This is why I’m ranting here.  It’s a mom blog, and when you attack me for being a mom and taking my kid to school even when I’m not feeling 100%, I need to rant. 

Here’s the good part.  Brooke hears me apologize to my mother in law for my behavior, and I ask her to wait in the car while I went into the shop, so she asks me where Jesus is in all of this.  Huh!  My 12 year old is putting me in my place.  So I said… Jesus was right there beside me, shaking his head in disappointment.  That’s why I spent my time in the waiting room praying, confessing, and asking for forgiveness.  So then why did I continue to go seek this person out so I could go off more?  Satan.  I am human, and I make mistakes.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I often get my feelings hurt.  I make mistakes, and those mistakes are in full view of my kids, and they see that.  I see that now.  Which is why I had a talk with them and explained that my behavior was wrong.  I should have listened to that voice in my head, (the Holy Spirit), telling me to shut up.  It would have saved a lot of stress and heartache.  I am so thankful that God is omnipotent, and loving.  He’s also quick to forgive when I ask.  So I asked, and I feel better.  I feel better knowing that I am forgiven.  I also feel better because the oral surgeon called me and said that he can take the entire tooth on the right, and will have to take just the crown part of the left tooth and leave the roots.  Tomorrow I will have a different kind of pain, but it will be over in a few days.

“Moore” Monday





Yours, my Lord, is the greatness and the
power and the glory and the majesty and the
splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is
Yours, my own heavenly Father, is the
kingdom, and You are exalted as head above all
(1 Chron. 29:11).
Lord, I know that You are great-greater
than all gods.  You do whatever pleases You in
the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all
their depths (Ps. 135:5).
Yet although You are sovereign and do
what You please, You are righteous in all Your
ways.  You are loving toward all You have made
(Ps. 145:7).


Beth Moore, Praying God’s Word Day by Day


My life in a small blurb

So Friday the Oral Surgeon actually called me.  Apparently the root of my impacted wisdom tooth and the nerve that runs along the lower jawline are very close.  Superimposed on the Xray.  If the nerve is damaged during the extraction of the tooth, I could have numbness in my jaw, chin, lower lip and tongue for life.  That doesn’t sound fun to me, but at this point I would gladly accept numbness!  He wants to send me for a Cone Beam CAT scan to get a better view of the nerve.  There are two places near me that actually have the Cat scan, and of course, they were closed on Friday.  Hopefully I can get that done early tomorrow, and then I have to take the results to the Oral Surgeon.  I would love some IV sedation right about now!  I never thought I’d be looking forward to having my wisdom teeth cut out.

Yesterday my friend picked Boo up and took her to dance, so I just had to go pick her up.  I was able to rest a little, and got the kitchen cleaned up.  How hard is it for someone else to take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and empty the trash?  I had mopped the kitchen floor and grabbed a can of cherry coke zero, filled a cup with ice, and turned to go into the living room when I slipped.  The can and cup of ice went flying, dogs started chasing the ice, and I landed all sprawled out face first on the floor.  I’m sure it was hilarious to witness, but it really hurt.  I wanted to cry, but the action of it made my jaw hurt.  All in all, I banged up both knees and one elbow.  Good day all around! 

Brian and Zach had gone hunting.  Zach’s first time since taking the Hunter’s Education course.  He was so excited.  They came home with a deer, so we’ll have some meat in the freezer this winter!  I’m thankful for my hunter and gatherer!

Why a Daughter needs a Mom

I bought this book to give to my daughter, (12 years old), and I thought I would share a few of the reasons. I didn’t realize until I was in my twenties, so maybe I can pass it to you.

A daughter needs a mom to provide her with memories that will last forever. (That’s why we always have a camera in front of our faces, and stay up really late making creative scrapbook pages!)

A daughter needs a mom who is never more than a phone call away. (The reason she had a cell phone at age 10!)

A daughter needs a mom to assure her that she always has a place to come home to. Because no one understands girls like a mom. To remind her that in faith there is fellowship.

A daughter needs a mom to soothe the pain of a broken heart, to teach her that sometimes choosing to wait is a good idea, and to teach her that you cannot make someone love you, but you ca be someone who can be loved.

A daughter needs a mom to tell her that beauty never fades if you look in the right places.

The Book, Why a daughter needs a mom was written by Gregory E. Lang. Go out and buy it, make your mom or daughter feel loved. I’ll post more later.

Up too late

Once again I sit up in the chair because laying down makes my jaw throb even worse!  It’s late, already tomorrow, or today, whatever!  I have to get up in 5 hours to wake Boo up and get ready for school.  Brian has been a wonderful dad and husband these past two days, taking care of everything and everyone’s schedules so I could zone out in pain.  He drew the line tonight though.  He told Boo that one thing he will not do is go to the store and buy her cheerleading underwear. 

Her first game is tonight, so they are privileged to wear their cheer uniforms to school.  They do have to wear long pants under the skirt, because the skirt doesn’t fit dress code length policy.  (Why is it OK for them to wear it at the game?  Good question…)  As she’s getting everything ready, she can’t find her spanky’s.  That would be her briefs that she wears under the skirt, a very good thing to have, especially since she is a flyer.  But daddy drew the line at going and buying those!  So that is on my list of things to do, as well as get some black nail polish for her.  (School colors are red, white and black.)  Apparently there are too many shades of red, so they chose black. 

Hoping the pain meds kick in soon and I can get some sleep.  Waiting on a call from the oral surgeon to see what he says.  It would be nice to get a quick appointment and be done with all of this. 

On a side note, Brian gave the boxer, Logan, a hot dog.  He has terrible gas!!!!


That’s how I feel! Why is it when one tooth hurts, it makes your entire body hurt? My husband called the dentist yesterday for me, and they said to go to the oral surgeon. I went to the oral surgeon, he gave me some penicillin and vicodin and told me to go to the dentist. I saw the dentist this morning, and am currently waiting on a call back from the oral surgeon with an appointment. At least when I left the dentist office this morning I was numb, and that lasted for 6 glorious hours. Now I can feel the pain again. My jaw is throbbing and my ear is ringing. Can I just bury my head until someone figures out what will help me?

My Monday

Brooke was sick and the doctor confirmed it was strep.  We went to Meijer because the antibiotic is free there, which I didn’t know.  It’s great that it’s free, but I’m pretty sure they put everyone else in front of you, because we were there for an hour.  It was crazy!  Smart on their part, because they more than made up for it with what I ended up spending to kill the time. 

Monday night was the 3rd of our Obedience classes for our dog Logan.  I have to go back and tell you about last week before I can share this week though.  Brian decided that I was the one who couldn’t control the dog, so I went to classes alone last week.  Everything was going well, and I handled the Yogi fascination, was even told I had made a good correction.  Things got hairy when the trainer said we were going to walk the dogs around the inside of the building.  Now it’s a small building, and there are lots of dogs going to be in our space, so this made me a little nervous.  Maybe Logan picked up on that, because he was nervous and agitated too.  He was paying attention to all the other dogs and not me, and then he went after Yogo, and then Maddy too.  The trainer took him from me and she started walking him, but he didn’t like that either.  In the end it all worked out well, and the other trainer had him sitting on the floor in front of Yogi with no problems, but I was totally stressed out when I got home.  To make matters worse, Brian said it never would have happened if he had been there.  So I was upset again.

Logan and I did our homework and were felling pretty confident when it came time to go to class this Monday.  Brian and the boys were making fun of us, trying to get me nervous.  I just kept saying that we were gonna rock the class.  On the way to class I said a little prayer for a positive bonding experience.  After that I felt better, and walked into class full of confidence.  We walked right by Yogi without a hitch.  I’ll admit when the trainer began talking about us doing a lot of walking, my heart rate jumped up.  Just when I calmed myself down, the trainer came over and said she was going to walk Logan for a few laps to see how he was going to do.  After a couple of laps, she gave him back to me and said he was doing fine.  We walked and walked until she said halt, then we would stop and he would sit and get a treat.  Then we started walking again.  God helped us through that class.  With every step I took, I was singing.  Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Lord,Yes Yes Lord Amen!  He even learned the Down command.  We rocked the class.  It felt really good to know I could do that, and to come home and be happy instead of frazzled like I was last week. 

Moral of the story, ask God to help you in anything and everything.  In my prayer I even said something like this, in the midst of everything going on in our country right now, and the election tomorrow, here I am praying for a dog, but I believe in You and Your power.

7 Weird things

Ok, I’ve been in a funk lately, and sort of grumpy.  I can’t really contribute it to one thing, but a compilation of many.  Jenni over at Peaceful Living Everyday tagged me for some fun.  Be sure to stop by her blog and check out her answers too.  Mkay, 7 weird things about me… this is really hard!

1.  I am a home body.  I would much rather stay home with my family than to go out and fight crowds or traffic.  (Take out is a great thing)
2.  At the age of 35, just a few months ago, I began drinking coffee.  I started looking forward to my morning coffee last night. 
3.  I love to sleep with the bedroom windows open when it’s cold outside, so I can pull the blankets over my head.
4.  My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe.
5.  I would seriously have a unibrow if I didn’t tweeze.
6.  I will lose a handful of hair when I shower, but it grows at an incredibly fast rate.
7.  I once had a wreck when a mouse was in my car.  I was on my way to have my senior pictures taken, and a mouse ran across my foot.  I freaked, and veered to the right which dropped my right front tire off the road and then I overcorrected on wet pavement and ended up crossing over the left lane and hitting a hill.  There was a sherriff behind me.

There you have it, my weirdness for all to see.  Thanks Jenni!

America has voted

I said last week that it was in God’s hands, and His will.  I truly do feel like we are living in the end times, and this presidency may be a punishment from God because we as a country are so morally corrupt, just like in the times of Noah.  I will leave with this passage of scripture, and please take my words in love everyone.  That’s how I’m sending them.  I honestly don’t know how to feel right now.  I’m just relying on God to take away my fears.  There are too many unknowns and unanswered questions for me. 

2 Peter 2:1-10  “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you.  They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them-bringing swift destruction on themselves.  Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.  In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.  Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their desturction has not been sleeping.  For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them into gloomy dungeons to be held for judgment: if he did not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood on its ungodly people, but protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others; if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes, and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)-if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment, while continuing their punishment.  This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the sinful nature and despise authority.  Bold and arrogant, these men are not afraid to slander celestial beings;”