Prayer Request

I have been remiss.  My dad called me Wednesday morning to ask me to get all my friends to pray for 2 couples.  I did talk to them, and we have been praying.  What I forgot was all of you.  So now I am bringing you in on it.  The first couple is Kent and Kayla.  They are a beautiful christian couple who are unable to have children.  They decided to adopt, because they just want to bring a child up in christian love.  The first time fell through, for the reason I can’t remember right now.  They were matched with another birth mom, and she chose them to love her child.  It has all been going smoothly.   With the due date approaching quickly, they had decorated the room, and some people had given them clothing.  Kayla had not wanted the church to have a baby shower for them, just in case something happened and it didn’t go through.  On Sunday at church they were both so excited, stating only 1 week and 2 days left before the baby was here.  Two days later the birth mom called them to say that she had changed her mind.  Kent told my dad that they had a lot of crying, but also a lot of praying.  They felt like God knew more than they did, and He was stopping something that just wasn’t right for them.  I am in awe of them and their faith.  They know who is going to carry them through this.  I have no doubt about that.  I just ask that you would pray that God will continue to bless them with strength, especially as it gets closer to the delivery date that they have been so looking forward to.  I ask that God will fill them with peace and joy, and provide for their needs.  That they will feel Him working in their lives, and seek Him even more.  Please pray for this couple as it touches your heart. 

The next loving christian couple are Lance and Jenny.  Lance was in a business situation that was not good for him, so he got out of it.  Now he is looking for a job.  They were a smart young couple, and have put back some money in savings, so he can take a short while to find something.  That is not the concern.  They are both under a great deal of stress, and I just pray that they let God take control and pull that stress away.  They have started praying together, and are finding that is helping tremendously.  I pray that their marriage and faith will continue to grow stronger, as they allow God to work in their lives. 

These couples are members of my parents’ church, and have a great network of people there to pray, but prayer is so powerful!  It is such a simple thing for us to do, and can bring such great blessings.  I have felt the peace that prayer can bring to you in the midst of a struggle.  He wants to help us.  Christ died for us, to save us.  Talk to Him continually. 

As I said, the power of prayer is beautiful.  I believe in His favor, mercy, love, grace, and healing.  I will pray for you if you need it, so just ask.  I am now a prayer team member of Christian Women Online because of this.   Visit their prayer room sometime, or join the team too.  God Bless You!