Dogs and Kids

I have three kids, ages 15, 13, and a fresh 8 year old. We have 4 chihuahuas, 3 female and 1 male, and a chocolate lab female that will be a year old in December. She will be the death of me. Her or the teenagers. Mark my words.

Recently a friend was talking about a store that I have never been in. They said I should go, it’s a home interiors/decorative kind of place, and they have gotten some nice things in there.

I don’t decorate my house. I have dogs and kids.

Dogs and kids tear nice things up.

Why waste the money on new furniture when the kids will spill something on it, or stand on the cushions and rip the pillows off the back of the seat, or the dog will eat it?

Dare I ask?

I have kids that leave their empty water bottle, or nearly empty, and the dogs think it is the greatest chew toy. Even though there may be 50 assorted rawhides and chew toys laying around.

I’ll have nice things when the kids move out, and the dogs move on. Until then, I’ll come to your house. Or we’ll meet at Starbucks if you have dogs and kids.

In this world

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


I’m struggling with a few things right now, and I asked for prayer earlier. After that I went into the bathroom and prayed. I know I need to trust and seek, so I thought I would post a few pictures of how God shows me his love every single day.


Only He could create something so beautiful!




I snapped this next one as I was sitting outside praying while I waited on the dogs. I see a heart. What about you?


I am reminded that His mercies are new every morning when I see the sunrise. Every morning!

Thank you for the prayers! I felt them, and I know what I need to do to lift myself from this funk. In the end, God is victorious. I know that. The stuff of this world that is bringing me down doesn’t matter. It’s just satan rearing his head. What he doesn’t understand is this, he has no power over me unless I let him. I’m on the winning team.

What do you do to get out of a funk?


My Weekend

I’ve been looking on Polyvore for something that will represent what we did this weekend, and I can’t find anything. I did a whole lot of nothing exciting. We didn’t even go out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaraunt!

We are battling teenage drama and tiredness.

I am tired.

I could cry right now.

No polyvore this week.

Pray for me please? I’m in a funk with a bad attitude/outlook.

Thank you!

Ten Years Ago

While I can sit here and not remember what I was doing last week at this time, I can certainly tell you what I was doing ten years ago when the world as I knew it changed. My baby girl was in kindergarten and it was the day of her very first field trip. We were going to an apple orchard for lots of fun, and our morning was so filled with anticipation that I hadn’t bothered to turn on the television.

It was on the way to school that I heard about the first plane hitting, and remember thinking what a fluke accident. It never crossed my mind that it was anything but an accident.

We arrived at school and loaded up on a bus, only to hear a few of the other moms and the teacher whispering that the second plane had hit, and terrorism was suspected. We were advised to shut off our phones and not discuss anything in front of the children. We were completely cut off from the activity for over 2 hours, pasting smiles on our faces as we watched our kids laugh and play, wondering what else was happening.

Once we returned to school and were dismissed I found out the terrible news.  It was bad, and the fear of what was to come was almost overpowering.

My husband had been trying to reach me but my phone had been turned off. He was near frantic when I called him back. Brooke and I rushed over to my mother in law to get Zach and we were glued to the TV until we couldn’t stand it any longer. We took the kids outside and let them play. All the time wondering if we were safe. What next?

Ten years has passed for us, but we still remember. Brooke and I were just talking about it yesterday. Zach was only three so he has no memory of it at all. I’m thankful for that.

My prayers go out to everyone that lost someone on that day, and everyone who was affected by the tragedy in some way. May they find peace that only God can provide.

We will always remember 9/11/01

My Long Weekend

My Long Weekend

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