Powerful Life

I know I have talked about satan waging a war, and feeling his presence before, but why won’t he give me a break?  I am so angry with him right now!!  Yes, I am tired of fighting with you, but I will NEVER stop!  I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  He is my everything!

There are times when I can feel him lurking..just waiting for the right moment.  And then there are times that he comes up on a sneak attack, when I am not ready or prepared.  See, I like to have plans, and the sneak attacks really mess with my plans.  But then he knows that, and he wants to drag me away from the One who truly loves me and protects me.  So I have been pondering that this week, and once again, Beth Moore has shown me the answer.  The past two days in her Breaking Free Day By Day devotional have been on prayer.  Yesterday was about how satan wants to see us do anything BUT pray.  He doesn’t even care if we study the bible all day long, because he knows we need prayer to understand what we are reading and the power to live.  So Pray! 

Today’s scripture was Colossians 4:2.  Devote yourselves to prayer:  stay alert in it with thanksgiving.  She said that discipline can fly out the window at times of temptation and weakness, we also don’t tend to think straight when we get a surprise attack, and that human nature is far too self-destructive to choose what is best at our weakest moments.  The last line today was this.  Prayer lets us walk in peace and victory enen when walking through a war zone.  You know I love that.  So today, spend a little more time talking to God!