7 Weird things

Ok, I’ve been in a funk lately, and sort of grumpy.  I can’t really contribute it to one thing, but a compilation of many.  Jenni over at Peaceful Living Everyday tagged me for some fun.  Be sure to stop by her blog and check out her answers too.  Mkay, 7 weird things about me… this is really hard!

1.  I am a home body.  I would much rather stay home with my family than to go out and fight crowds or traffic.  (Take out is a great thing)
2.  At the age of 35, just a few months ago, I began drinking coffee.  I started looking forward to my morning coffee last night. 
3.  I love to sleep with the bedroom windows open when it’s cold outside, so I can pull the blankets over my head.
4.  My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe.
5.  I would seriously have a unibrow if I didn’t tweeze.
6.  I will lose a handful of hair when I shower, but it grows at an incredibly fast rate.
7.  I once had a wreck when a mouse was in my car.  I was on my way to have my senior pictures taken, and a mouse ran across my foot.  I freaked, and veered to the right which dropped my right front tire off the road and then I overcorrected on wet pavement and ended up crossing over the left lane and hitting a hill.  There was a sherriff behind me.

There you have it, my weirdness for all to see.  Thanks Jenni!


  1. I came to check out your weirdness, lol, I can’t believe that happened with the mouse. I would freak out! Prob have a fear of the car too, checking everywhere before I get in. Well, thanks for joining… we have all been in a bit of a mood lately… Not exactly sure what it is, but it will get better! Much lv. Jenni

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