Prayer for Struggles and Trials

Jesus, I pray that in the midst of trials and struggles we are experiencing right now, that we will look to You to be our strength and refuge until these calamities have passed by (Psalm 57:1).

Only You know the depths of pain, fear, anger, sadness, and hurt. Only You can save. Only You can make all things new. Only You can heal hearts.

I put my trust in You, Lord, and believe that You are in this. I know You have a plan and it is for good. Help us to focus our eyes on You.

Place a hedge of protection around our household and keep us safe from evil. Give us wisdom as to where You want us to be, and what actions we need to take. Guide our every step and help us to choose love in all things.

Thank You for Your grace, mercy, love and forgiveness.


“Moore” Monday on Tuesday






I know, Father, according to Your Word,
that if I judge others, I too will be judged.  With
the same measure I use, it will be measured to
me (Matt. 7:1-2).
When I want so badly to judge or comdemn
or refuse forgiveness to another, I can
hear Your Word speak to my heart, saying,
“If you are without sin, be the first to throw a
stone at them” (John 8:7).
Help me to speak and act as those who
are going to be judged by the law that gives
freedom, because judgment without mercy will
be shown to anyone who has not been merciful
toward others.  Mercy triumphs over judgment!
(James 2:12-13). 

Beth Moore, Praying God’s Word Day by Day