Way to go #88!!!

Dale Jr. wins the shootout in his #88 Chevrolet for team Hendrick!!!!!  Can you tell I’m a little excited?  What a great way to start off the season.  We all knew he could do it if he had a good solid team backing him, someone that believes in him and his ability, talents and legacy!  What a race.  I loved the finish, loved the interview with Tony Stewart when he said he might even be better than his dad, and loved the rest of his team coming over to congratulate him.  Dale Jr. looked so happy tonight, more happy than he’s been in a long time.  My son Zach was pacing the floor on the last 2 laps, waiting to see his idol win again, and he did it.  Let’s do it again next Sunday! 

I can hardly wait for our racing season to start again, and I’d better get in a hurry with ordering our new #88’s for our cars.  That race made me forget all about having the flu! 

Missing the web

This is my first time online in two days!  I have been feverishly working on two projects.  One is getting my house back together from Thanksgiving.  I had been following a routine on housework, thanks to Flylady, and seem to have fallen off the truck.  I’ve also been trying to become an organized person, so that has suffered as well.  My second project has been trying to complete a digital scrapbook, or Storybook, for Zach and Brian.  I want to give it to them for Christmas, and have an ordering deadline.  Since Zach won championship this year,(x 2),  I’m trying to document this past year of racing.  But of course, I want it to be perfect…

What else is going on?  Caught the last part of dancing with the stars last night, and felt bad for Mel.  I thought she did very well at all different types of dance.  Helio was great too, and I didn’t vote, so I can’t complain.  Plus, being an Indy person, the mirror ball trophy will look nice next to his 500 trophies.  I also caught up, thanks to Tivo, on Grey’s Anatomy.  I really liked last week’s episode, it was a gripping, edge of your seat episode.  I can’t think of anything that was offensive either!  Other than that, it is status quo around here.