Need Prayer?

I wanted to set this page up so you could leave prayer requests for me.  I feel called to pray more and more now that I’m in the Word daily.  I also see and hear God more that I’m in His Word.  I’ve fasted and prayed a few times now, and was amazed at the response that I received when I asked for prayer requests.  You all shared so many requests with me, and I prayed for each and every one of you.  I wrote the requests all down, and will continue to pray for you as well, so please let me know when something changes.  Notice I say when, not if! 

Fasting and prayer is so, so powerful, and I feel an urgency to commit more of myself to God.  If I can pray for you, just leave me a comment describing what your requests are.  There’s nothing too big or too small!  I’m going to set up a separate email account and post it here if you feel your requests are too personal to share publicly.  I can keep your requests private, or can share with a close group of prayer warriors so that they can pray too.  Whatever you would like. 

I’m so eager to see what God has in store for us through this journey.  Let’s walk together in prayer! 

Update*****  Email me privately at


  1. I am truly glad that I met you. Let us pray and promote prayer awareness.

  2. Pray that I let go completely of a soul tie (a man) I sinfully allowed in my life. This is causing so much heartache and destruction. I need to let go and be in God’s will 110%. So much to say but can’t put it all down. PLEASE PRAY for me..
    God Bless
    I NEED HELP !!!

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