Scrap Fest

So, yesterday was the big day.  Scrapbooking with the girls!!!  We got off to a little bit of a late start, as none of us can seem to be on time.  I had packed way too much stuff, again.  And I bought way too much stuff, again. 

I had a little bit of a setback when all of my creativity left me, but I just looked at a couple of magazines and came up with a really cool layout.  Not much like any of my usual pages, but I LOVE IT!  It took me way too long to do, and only features two pictures.  But did I say how much I LOVE IT?  Yeah, if I told you I’d take a picture and post it, I know you wouldn’t believe me, so I won’t.  Trust me though, it’s good. 

Page totals-


We got some serious scrappin’ done!   For lunch they provided ham or turkey sandwiches, with chips, cookies and snacks.  Olive Garden soup, salad and breadsticks were brought in for dinner, then strawberries,cookies, hot fudge, two different kinds of cake, and angel food or dessert.  I was surrounded by chocolate and diet cokes, the two things I’ve totally given up for this 40 day fast.  It was hard, but I didn’t cave.  We scrapped, ate and laughed until 10 p.m.  and boy was I tired!  I love you girls, and we have to do it again very soon.  The future of our childrens’ heritage being documented depends on it. 

I came home to a house that was a wreck!  Obviously everyone had a great time while I was gone, so I’ve spent most of the afternoon after church picking up and tackling the laundry pile.  Boring!  Brooke went with a friend to the mall, and then sleep over at her house.  The boys went with Brian to Grammie and Grandpa’s to work on race cars.  I’ve been flying solo doing this cleaning thing, and finally took a break to fill all my loyal readers in on the excitement of my life.  (Hey Mom and Dad, Love You!) 

Well, my kitchen’s still a disaster, the dishwasher needs unloaded and then loaded again with what is in the sink.  Counters and floors need cleaned.  My work is never done….

I’m up

I just finished watching The Bee Movie with Brooke.  It was a very cute show!  I also finished packing up my scrapbooking stuff for my all day crop tomorrow.  I am so excited!  Twelve hours scrappin’ with my friends…..aaaahhh! 

Today was the first day of Spring Break.  We slept in, though none of us enjoyed that more than Brooke.  She rolled out of bed at 12:17 p.m.  Yeah, I think she was tired!  I really did a lot of nothing today until around 2 p.m., then I decided to work out for an hour.  I felt pretty good about that.  Zach is sleeping over at a friends house, and I took him over right after the work out.  His friends L and S are really great.  They’re like the 3 Musketeers! 

I have laundry piled up to be done, and clean laundry piled up to be folded and I sit here blogging about it.  I’m messed up!  But I’m too excited about scrapping tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to let you know how many pages I get done.  Oh, and I’m almost done with reading the Bible in 90 days.  My official finish date was to be April 1st, and I’m right on target.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I finish it. 

Prayer for Faith

Dear Heavenly Father,  Bless me with faith that can move mountains.  May I not be tempted to forget Your power.  May I not be tempted to forget Your love.  May my mind not stray to the might of the destroyer but remember instead the might of the Lord.  Show me Father.  I know You will have the last word, the final say.  And I won’t worry.  You will redeem me.  I will resurrect.  You will bring forth new life from all apparent death.  You create from what the darkness has destroyed, for Your power is infinite, Your forgiveness total, Your mercy complete.  I might fall, but I will not remain down for my God is with me.  You will lift me up.  You will create a new day.  You will bring me home.  Thank You Father.  Amen

Works for Me Wednesday

wfmwsmall2.jpgGo visit Shannon for some great tips on what works for others.  What works for me today is reusing water bottles.  I have a 32 oz. sport bottle that I refill throughout the day.  It’s easy for me to monitor how much I’m taking in, and I’m trying to do my part for the future of our world.  Did you know that plastic bottles are recycled, but the caps aren’t?  Yep, the caps are discarded, and often times end up in the oceans.  From that point, they wind up in the stomachs of seals or birds, who eventually die from malnutrition because their stomach is full.  From the green standpoint, if the average person drank 8 ounces of bottled water a day, it would take 1.5 million barrels of oil annually to satisfy America’s demand for bottled water.  (Plastic is derived from petroleum.)  If this oil were converted to gasoline, the total could fuel five hundred thousand station wagons for a coast to coast trip.  Considering the price of a gallon of gas right now, I think I can reuse my water bottles!  Try it and see if it works for you.

“Moore” Monday #14





Lord Jesus, You came and preached peace to those of us who were far away and peace to those of us who were near.  For through You, Jesus, we both have access to the Father by one Spirit. 

Consequently, we are no longer foreigners and aliens but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of His household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with You, Christ Jesus, Yourself as the chief cornerstone.

In You the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord.  And in You, we too are being built together to become a dwelling in which You live by Your Spirit (Eph 2:17-22).

Works for Me Wednesday


It’s another episode of Works for me Wednesday over at Rocks In My Dryer.  Hop on over there after you’re done here and check out all the great tips. 

Digital Scrapbooking is what works for me today.  As you may know, I’m a consultant for Creative Memories.  I love, love, love to scrapbook.  Sometimes I just need to throw one together quickly, and lack the creativity that I need.  So I do a digital scrapbook by uploading my pictures, and dragging and dropping, cutting and pasting, and voila!  The end product is a sturdy hard bound book.  I made one for my son’s third birthday and he loves to look at it.  It only took me around 2 hours to do!  I then made one for my oldest sons racing last year, documenting his race for the championship.  I actually made 4, and gave three as gifts, and plan to use the other one to show prospective sponsors for him.  It’s fast, fun, easy, and cheap.  Just visit my website at and click on Digital Scrapbooks to learn more about it. 

Yes, I’m trying to help you preserve your memories while having fun, and make a little extra money for me.  I’m really sorry if this offends you.  Please forgive me. 


Saturday we had a great visit with mom and dad.  I fixed lunch so we didn’t have to go out, and we just hung out and talked.  Matthew was a little pistol at first, but then he came around.  Mom sat and held puppy Linus while he slept, and got a bad case of puppy fever.  I promise I’ll get you one when you retire Mom!!  🙂 Love you Dad!!  🙂 

Brian left when they did.  There was an emergency racing meeting.  Boy was he in a good mood when he came home.  (detect sarcasm here)  Zach wanted a friend to come over, but by the time I had the kitchen cleaned up I didn’t want to go anywhere to pick up or take home.  That’s awful huh?  I tried to appease him by playing Monopoly.  We sat down to play the electronic version, all of the kids and me.   The property and prices have really changed.  Now you start out with $15 Million dollars on your credit card, and receive $2 Million for passing go.  I have 2 more things to say.  After 4 + hours of playing we decided to quit at bedtime and declare Zach the champion with over $41 Million dollars.  Matthew (yes, my 4 year old) was in second place, me in third with less than a Million, and Brooke quit when she landed on one of Zach’s properties with a Hotel and had to pay $10 Million.  What did I teach my kids?  Where have I gone wrong? 

Brooke and I left early yesterday morning for the dance competition.  It was another good one.  High Golds for all of her dances, and the Hip Hop group placed in the top 5 overall.  We had a nice lunch with our friends Deb and Madison, and came home to relax.  The relaxing didn’t last long, and then Brooke wanted me to sew a blanket for her.  Now, I am not Susie Homemaker.  I worked on pinning the top and bottom together, winding the bobbin, threading the needle, and totally stressed out to get it done before she went to bed.  Which I succeeded in doing.  I wouldn’t call the blanket a success though.  It looks really cute from the doorway of her room, but don’t step closer and examine the stitching!  Just look from a distance…


I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post!  I’ll try to catch you up.  Saturday was the second dance competition of the season.  It was a good one.  Some of them have dances that look like they’re choreographed for strip clubs, but I only saw one that was offensive.  I see that and wonder what their parents are thinking when they see these young girls dancing like that.  Anyway, our group of God fearing and loving girls, and one boy scored high!  Two Golds and one Elite Gold.  They also placed in the top 5 overalls, winning $350!  That money will go to Invisible Children because we have such wonderful directors! 
Sunday was church, and not much else.  Brooke and I were tired from the 14 hours on Saturday, so we laid around and watched the snow melt.  We also worked on a scrapbook for her language project, while the boys made snowmen. 

On Monday, Brian had a small surgical procedure.  He was off work until Wednesday, so we tended to him.  Mostly he slept and I kept Matthew quiet.  It’s been great weather, finally!  The sun has been shining, and the temperatures have been in the 60’s.  Today it’s raining and dreary.  I’ll take anything over 40 right now though, because it feels like a heat wave. 

I think Mom and Dad are coming up tomorrow.  Brooke has another competition, but this one is on Sunday.  Thankfully we won’t be there all day, but we will have to miss church. 

In my 90 day bible reading, I was so glad to arrive in the New Testament.  I’m reading Mark today.  We’re right on track to finishing up on April 1st.  It’s been a great way to stay in the Word daily.  I’m also reading a book called Fasting, by Jentezen Franklin.  I feel an urgency to commit more of myself to the Lord right now with fasting and prayer, and so do the other members of my 1 Peter 3 group.  I suggested last night a 40 day fast, and the response has been good.  Pray for us as we embark on this walk. 

Prayer brings up another subject that has been on my heart.  I feel so blessed to have your prayer requests, and take them to the throne room for you.  I’m being called to pray more, in an intercessory way, and I’m learning how to do this.  I want to set up a separate page, or link, for you to go to and leave me your prayer requests.  I would love to pray for you!  I also plan on setting up a separate email account, so you can feel free to email your more personal requests to me.  Please know that I will not share your needs with anyone but the Lord.  It is my honor to pray for you.  I’m just putting this out there, because I don’t even have anything set up yet.  You’ll be the first to know when I do! 
I think you’re all caught up now, somewhat boring as my life is, but crazy too! 

90 Day Bible Reading-Isaiah

Isaiah was a prophet and one of God’s greatest messengers.  He tried to tell the people to focus on God, He is the one true thing, and He will never leave us.  The prophecies cover before, during, and after the exile.  The Kings who trusted God experienced peace, but the kings who didn’t experienced disaster.  God revealed His plans and asked everyone to follow them.  The book of Isaiah demonstrates that God is trustworthy.  Will  you follow Him? 

Is. 1:16-20  Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.

Is. 55:6-7Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.

90 Day Bible Reading- Song of Songs

I have to admit, this was a hard one for me.  I really wanted to go to my regular bible and read the notes so I could understand.  It was hard for me to follow the love poems without a little explanation.  The underlying tone is all about love and sex, how powerful and important they are in our lives, and that’s how God made us.  It’s not a bad thing!  We are to be disciplined in keeping it in our marriage.  The sanctity of the marriage is where God created it to be.  A few key verses-Song of Songs 2:7 “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”  SOS-8:6-7 “Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, it’s jealousy unyielding as the grave.  It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.  7Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.  If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.” 

90 Day Bible Reading- Ecclesiastes

The search for the meaning of life.  The king of Israel thought happiness came from success.  He found success, but not happiness.  Success was meaningless, and not permanent.  Neither is money, wealth, pleasure or fame.  It all sounds like things we strive for, doesn’t it?  We strive for, because we focus on ourselves.  I think what Ecclesiastes is teaching us, is how to live a God centered life.  Focus on the fact that everything that we have is a gift from God.  Our troubles also come from the hand of God, but for those we should give thanks too.  He never promised a trouble free life.  We need to adjust our expectations if we’re always falling short of the goal, and that makes us unhappy.  We can learn lessons from the adversity that is dealt to us.  Make the best of it and go on.  Focus on what’s ahead of you.  Enjoy life, and enjoy what you have.  It’s a great gift from God. 

90 Day Bible Reading-Proverbs

Proverbs is a book about wisdom.  God is wise, and He wants us to be wise too.  He will direct the path of those who trust and seek Him, and walk in faithful obedience.  Reading through it, you might find one verse that seemingly contradicts another.  In reality, it applies to different situations that you might encounter.  An example is Proverbs 26:4-5.  v4:  “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.”  v5:  “Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.”  Don’t, then Do?  Well, the wise person knows what to do in which situation.  How do we get wise?  STAY IN HIS WORD!!  I’ve noticed His presence so much since I’ve been doing this 90 day reading.  He will speak to You!~  Try it.

90 Day Bible Reading-Psalms 26-150

In Psalms we find praise, varying emotions, lamentations, and gratitude.  There’s a dash of hope mixed in as well.  God will not abandon you.  His love endures forever!

Works for Me Wednesday

wfmwsmall.jpgIt’s the backwards edition over at Rocks In My Dryer, and that means instead of me racking my brain to come up with what works for me, I get to ask you the questions.  You then leave me a comment and share all your expertise with me.  For more pleas of help, visit Rocks In My Dryer.

I can’t decide what I need more, so I’ll ask all of them.  The first is about coupon clipping.  I’ve been trying to stay on top of the coupons, but they are overwhelming me.  Do you clip every coupon and file them away, or keep the coupons in the fliers and carry those around with you?  I read somewhere about keeping the coupons in a binder, stored in baseball card sleeves, but after only one month of clipping it is so full.  How do you categorize them?  I feel like a crazy person standing in the aisle looking for that one coupon I know I have for something that wasn’t advertised on sale, but it is.  I don’t think the binder is working for me, but don’t know what would either.  Please Help…

The second thing is a spiritual question.  God is placing something on my heart, and it is so not me.  He’s asking me to step out in faith.  What are your thoughts on teaching young girls about purity, and purity pledges?  At what age do you think this is appropriate to begin?  I read in a magazine a while back about a family that started a purity ball, where the dads and daughters attend together and sign a pledge of purity.  The dad makes a commitment to help his daughter with that pledge.  My daughter will be 12 in couple of months, and the naive mom in me wishes that is too young.  The “in the know” mom tells me I need to open my eyes.  The world is changing, and not for the better in this area.  Things are going on in middle schools that shock me.  So this question may make you think, but please do comment and let me know your thoughts. 

Thanks for participating! 

American Idol recap

With all the controversy surrounding a contestant on the show, I just need to weigh in on Jason and David.  Wow!  Hellelujah!  I was so pleased to hear that song in this venue.  Ms. Nat choreographed an amazingly beautiful dance to that song a few years ago, and I love it.  So did the judges.  Simon said it was brilliant and he loved both songs from these guys. 

The greatest compliment

My husband hates spaghetti.  The kids and I love it.  It’s quick, easy and tasty.  We usually only have it when Brian’s out of town for business.  As most of you know, I’ve been couponing and trying to save money on the grocery bill lately.  Spaghetti is also a cheap meal when you have a coupon for the pasta and sauce, and score a great deal on the ground beef.  And do you know what?  (This is where the compliment comes in)  Brian said “this is the best spaghetti you’ve ever fixed!”.  Brooke started talking to me at the same time, and I had to hold up my hands to stop her.  I needed to revel in the moment.  So I asked him to say it again!  AND HE DID!  What makes this so spectacular, you ask?  We have been together for almost 16 1/2 years, and married for 14 this coming July.  That’s a lot of spaghetti.  (I used to fix it monthly until I decided it was not fair of me to ask him to eat it so often.) 

The only thing I did differently is jazz up the plain old sauce with sauteed onions and garlic, and chopped up a can of Red Gold diced tomatoes with roasted onion and garlic.  I’ll have to do that again.  He actually started off with a small portion, and got a second helping.  I also made homemade breadsticks, garlic of course!  Anyway, I just had to share this wonderful compliment I received from my loving husband. 

“Moore” Monday #13





Lord God, help me to trust in Your unfailing love.  Cause my heart to rejoice in Your salvation.  Help me to sing to You, Lord, for You have been good to me!  (Ps. 13:5-6).

The earth is filled with Your love, O Lord!  Teach me Your decrees (Ps. 119:64).  May Your unfailing love be my comfort, according to Your promise to Your servant (Ps. 119:76). 

O God, help me to meditate on Your unfailing love! (Ps. 48:9).  Help me not to have the sin of unbelief after all You’ve done to tell me You love me, after all You’ve done, Lord, to demonstrate Your love for me.