Run Down…Tired

Every day I have something to add to this blog. Something comes into my head, and a new post starts forming in my head. Unfortunately, I can’t get everything else to stop so I can actually put it down in writing. I don’t proclaim to be a writer, but some of the thoughts were good. I just can’t think of any of them right now! I need to find more time, more down time. I am not a morning person. My daughter has to be at school by 7:25 am, and she in not a morning person either. I get up, let the dogs out, and then go into her room to wake her up. The entire process is taking longer each day. She is very hard to wake up, and I really just want to crawl into bed and snuggle back to sleep with her! But we trudge on, and when I come back home from taking her to school, I wake up the boys and my hubby, and start the routine all over again.

There are a few good things about getting up early. One is being able to see the sunrise. I started taking pictures of it, and it just reminds me about God’s grace, and His love and amazing creation. The splendor of it sometimes takes my breath away! I have a few photos of the moon, and some giant marshmallow clouds covering the sun, with huge rays peeking out and reaching to the ground. I’ll have to share some with you if I can narrow it down. I already have over 200, and my plan is to make a digital scrapbook. More of a faithbook, when I get around to it.

The second thing about getting up early…….caffeine free diet coke from the fountain at the gas station on the corner! If I am lucky enough to have a few extra minutes, I’ll swing in there and splurge on one. The 44 0z. will last me all day, because I sip it slowly while I guzzle my water with green tea.

I’ll leave you with some things that I have gotten accomplished lately. I have been in an organizing funk lately, which is also not me. I have been through recipe books, and compiled a three page list of main dishes and sides, then formulated a six week meal plan. The first meal was tonight, spicy pork stir fry with brown rice and broccoli. It was very good! Tomorrow is creamy chicken in the crock pot because I have a scrapbooking workshop. I have also cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and pantry, with the help of Brooke and Zach. I am so pleased that I can open up the tupperware or pots and pans cabinet without something falling out on the floor! My next step is getting everything on a calendar, that is centrally located in the kitchen, to keep track of everyone’s schedule. Maybe I can also post some pictures of the meal plan binder, and inspire you to have freedom from the constant “what’s for dinner?” from the kids and hubby.

This weekend is the last race of the season for Zach, and I still haven’t explained to you what quarter midget racing is. Add that to my to do list. I’d better go put that on my calendar!