Top Ten TV Shows on my DVR

I’m back after a week off filled with all types of flu information you do NOT want to know. Trust me. I didn’t want to know it either, but when my husband flies on an airplane and brings the plague back to us, it’s not pretty.

We are still in the throes of sickness, I think now we only have strep and the stomach flu. Pray for us, please?

Ok, I like to kick back in the evening and watch a good show. With basketball, homework, housework, and life, sometimes it’s just best to DVR it and watch it later. These are the shows you would find on my DVR if you were brave enough to look.

1. Dance Moms  It’s on Lifetime and it cracks me up. Being a former Dance Mom, I can honestly say I’ve never acted like those women do, but I have seen it. It’s not funny in real life, but it is on TV.

2. Parenthood I’ve watched it from the beginning and I love it. I can relate to the characters, and it feels homey.

3. Last Man Standing  It’s Tim Allen’s new show and he does not let you down. If you grew up watching Home Improvement, the man is still funny.

4.  One Tree Hill Oh man! Do I love these characters? YES! Do I hate it that this is the last season? YES!! I want to check out the spoilers but I can’t.

5. Friends I watched it with my parents as a teen, and I don’t remember being embarrassed, but I watch now wondering how I wasn’t. Some of the stuff is adult, and I don’t know if I would want to watch it with my kids. I’m loving it now because Rachel just had her baby.

6. Grey’s Anatomy I haven’t always been a fan of the story lines, but I’m still hanging in there.

7. The Middle Because seriously, it is good stuff! It’s based in Indiana which makes it even cooler, but we compare ourselves to the Heck’s way too much!

8. Private Practice I’ve had some moments in the past where I wondered why I watched it, then they come out with an incredibly moving episode. I’m holding out for Addyson to have her baby.

9. The Vampire Diaries I started this one late but it keeps drawing me back. It’s not for the weak stomach though, it can be gory at times.

10. Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet   My teenage son and I enjoy watching this together, he is the believer and I am the skeptic. We have fun joking around throughout the show, and that’s why it stays on DVR.

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What’s Funny?

Mad About You re-runs!  I just watched one where Jamie and Paul were hosting their first Thanksgiving.  Oh, they had plans to do it their own way, and then the family showed up.  The need to please everyone syndrome also appeared.  And then Murray, the dog, ate the Turkey.  It’s Hilarious! 

Who comes up with this?

I just saw an advertisement for a new show called swingtime. No, it’s not about outdoor playsets. I’m in utter shock that I just saw that, and horrified that there’s gonna be an hour long show on network TV. What is this world coming to? Is this network promoting “open marriages”? I defiantly stomp my foot!

American Idol recap

With all the controversy surrounding a contestant on the show, I just need to weigh in on Jason and David.  Wow!  Hellelujah!  I was so pleased to hear that song in this venue.  Ms. Nat choreographed an amazingly beautiful dance to that song a few years ago, and I love it.  So did the judges.  Simon said it was brilliant and he loved both songs from these guys. 


OK, I admit, I love Lost.  This season is the best yet, and there are so many twists and turns that I can hardly follow.  Did anyone else miss the part where Sayid is working for Ben?  Was this in the last few minutes, because my DVR cut it off short and I missed the last part.  I don’t know, somehow I missed it and had to discover it on blogdom.  Sayid is working for Ben and killing people on some sort of list.  He romances a woman and ends up killing her after she shot him.  Strangely enough, she was wearing the same bracelet that the now dead Naomi was wearing.  Who is R.G.?  Is she Naomi’s sister that she referred to with her last breath?  And Miles, I don’t think I like him, but I’m not sure yet.  I know I don’t trust him. 

So many questions, but we do know a few things for certain.  Four of the oceanic six are Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid.  Who are the other two?  Well, we haven’t seen Sun and Jin, but we know she has to leave the island because she’s pregnant.  I look for them to be in an upcoming episode soon. 

This show has me stumped.  I can’t wait for more.  And now that the writers strike is over, we will have at least 5 more episodes after the original 8.  Part of me just wants it to be over, and on DVD so I can have a marathon viewing of it.  What do you think?  Are you lost too?