An interview with Mitch Albom

I had the pleasure of talking to Mitch Albom today about his latest book turned movie, Have a Little Faith. It is a true story of Mitch’s journey to know his old rabbi better. Five words started this journey. His 82 year old rabbi asked, “will you do my eulogy?”

Mitch had grown up with the rabbi since he was six months old, but had fallen away from the church. He calls it apathy. Everything was going ok in his life without God, so he really didn’t feel the need to find a church. So when he ran into the rabbi at a speaking engagement, and he asked him to deliver his eulogy, Mitch thought he should know the rabbi as a man. They began to meet.

At this same time, Mitch met with a Detroit pastor who was a reformed drug dealer and convict. They were two very different men, in two very different situations, but they had a similarity that bound them together. It was their faith. Believing in something bigger than yourself. What transpired in those meetings sparked a change in Mitch.

You can watch this Hallmark movie, Have a Little Faith, this Sunday November 27th on ABC at 9/8C.

Here is what we talked about today.

Me: You call yourself a cynic. What changed you?

Mitch Albom:  I think when you see people living a life of faith up close, away from the pulpit and robes, you see it’s a very admirable and special thing. I saw how faith guided their lives, and how it completely turned Henry’s life around.

Me: This is your fourth movie. Did you have a lot of control in the process of making it?

Mitch: I think I had the most important say so. When Hallmark approached me, my request was that it be done in Detroit, where it all took place. They came to Detroit and we sat in pews for the business meeting. This movie was made where it happened, with real congregants and real homeless people.

Me: What do you hope people learn from this movie?

Mitch: That faith pull us together, it doesn’t divide us. You can be black, white, Christian, or Jew. You can be very different but still find common ground in faith.

Me: I saw you had a charity premier at the Emagine Theater in Detroit. Tell me how that went.

Mitch: All the stars were there from the movie, and they didn’t have to be! Before the premier they came down to the church and got to hang out with some of the people. There were 1600 people in a donated multiplex theater, with the movie showing on ten screens. Over $60,000 was made in one night to help fix up the church.

Me: What is one thing you want my readers to know?

Mitch: It’s never too late to wander back to God. It’s not a one way street. You’re not a hypocrite. You learn everyday about new things, and new lessons. You learn and admit that you were wrong to walk away. Come back. You won’t be punished. You can always go back to God if you want.

Thank you Mitch! It was an honor to talk to you today, and my family is looking forward to watching Have a Little Faith this Sunday night on ABC at 9/8C.

You need to watch it too!  Have a Little Faith

Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

UPDATE: The movie was on ABC last Sunday. If you missed it, check out the Hallmark Channel as it should be on very soon.

I am so excited to bring you this sneak peak of Mitch Albom’s new movie. For some reason I can’t embed the video, so please click on the link.

Have a Little Faith

The movie premieres Sunday, November 27th at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on ABC. A big thanks to Hallmark for making such wonderful family friendly movies!

I know where I’m going to be Sunday night after Thanksgiving, what about you?

Be sure to meet me back here the following Monday because I will be interviewing Mitch and sharing the details with all of you!