Love is a choice

I love my husband.  I do!  But life seems to happen and we get busy with the kids and neglect to spend “quality time” with each other as a couple.  Friday night we changed that.  Our church hosted an event called Married Life Live and it was awesome!  Laughter, tears, kissing, hand holding, goofy, and totally what we needed.  Our homework is to continue on with a date night for the next 6 months.  We are going to take that time for us, because it will strengthen our family as well.

Another amazing thing happened at our church yesterday.  Pastor Scott concluded his sermon series on marriage by calling all the husbands in the room to go to the back and pick a red carnation for their wife, present it to her and lead her by the arm to the front of the church.  We stood at the front with LOTS of other married couples, and he told us to look into each others eyes and maybe talk about what we did when we lit our unity candle on our wedding day, while someone sang.  I can’t even remember what the song was because I was crying!!!  After the song, and it was wonderful, I do remember that, Pastor Scott led us all in a marriage vow renewal!

I have had the best weekend!  For those of you that have read Jay and Laura’s  book, He said, She said…..the “conversation” was great too!!