My Monday

Brooke was sick and the doctor confirmed it was strep.  We went to Meijer because the antibiotic is free there, which I didn’t know.  It’s great that it’s free, but I’m pretty sure they put everyone else in front of you, because we were there for an hour.  It was crazy!  Smart on their part, because they more than made up for it with what I ended up spending to kill the time. 

Monday night was the 3rd of our Obedience classes for our dog Logan.  I have to go back and tell you about last week before I can share this week though.  Brian decided that I was the one who couldn’t control the dog, so I went to classes alone last week.  Everything was going well, and I handled the Yogi fascination, was even told I had made a good correction.  Things got hairy when the trainer said we were going to walk the dogs around the inside of the building.  Now it’s a small building, and there are lots of dogs going to be in our space, so this made me a little nervous.  Maybe Logan picked up on that, because he was nervous and agitated too.  He was paying attention to all the other dogs and not me, and then he went after Yogo, and then Maddy too.  The trainer took him from me and she started walking him, but he didn’t like that either.  In the end it all worked out well, and the other trainer had him sitting on the floor in front of Yogi with no problems, but I was totally stressed out when I got home.  To make matters worse, Brian said it never would have happened if he had been there.  So I was upset again.

Logan and I did our homework and were felling pretty confident when it came time to go to class this Monday.  Brian and the boys were making fun of us, trying to get me nervous.  I just kept saying that we were gonna rock the class.  On the way to class I said a little prayer for a positive bonding experience.  After that I felt better, and walked into class full of confidence.  We walked right by Yogi without a hitch.  I’ll admit when the trainer began talking about us doing a lot of walking, my heart rate jumped up.  Just when I calmed myself down, the trainer came over and said she was going to walk Logan for a few laps to see how he was going to do.  After a couple of laps, she gave him back to me and said he was doing fine.  We walked and walked until she said halt, then we would stop and he would sit and get a treat.  Then we started walking again.  God helped us through that class.  With every step I took, I was singing.  Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Lord,Yes Yes Lord Amen!  He even learned the Down command.  We rocked the class.  It felt really good to know I could do that, and to come home and be happy instead of frazzled like I was last week. 

Moral of the story, ask God to help you in anything and everything.  In my prayer I even said something like this, in the midst of everything going on in our country right now, and the election tomorrow, here I am praying for a dog, but I believe in You and Your power.

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