My life in a small blurb

So Friday the Oral Surgeon actually called me.  Apparently the root of my impacted wisdom tooth and the nerve that runs along the lower jawline are very close.  Superimposed on the Xray.  If the nerve is damaged during the extraction of the tooth, I could have numbness in my jaw, chin, lower lip and tongue for life.  That doesn’t sound fun to me, but at this point I would gladly accept numbness!  He wants to send me for a Cone Beam CAT scan to get a better view of the nerve.  There are two places near me that actually have the Cat scan, and of course, they were closed on Friday.  Hopefully I can get that done early tomorrow, and then I have to take the results to the Oral Surgeon.  I would love some IV sedation right about now!  I never thought I’d be looking forward to having my wisdom teeth cut out.

Yesterday my friend picked Boo up and took her to dance, so I just had to go pick her up.  I was able to rest a little, and got the kitchen cleaned up.  How hard is it for someone else to take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and empty the trash?  I had mopped the kitchen floor and grabbed a can of cherry coke zero, filled a cup with ice, and turned to go into the living room when I slipped.  The can and cup of ice went flying, dogs started chasing the ice, and I landed all sprawled out face first on the floor.  I’m sure it was hilarious to witness, but it really hurt.  I wanted to cry, but the action of it made my jaw hurt.  All in all, I banged up both knees and one elbow.  Good day all around! 

Brian and Zach had gone hunting.  Zach’s first time since taking the Hunter’s Education course.  He was so excited.  They came home with a deer, so we’ll have some meat in the freezer this winter!  I’m thankful for my hunter and gatherer!

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