The rundown

Wednesday I had my lower wisdom teeth cut out.  They left the roots on the left side because they were wrapped up in the nerve, but they took the crown.  Everything on the right is gone.  I stayed in bed Wednesday afternoon and evening, and most of Thursday.  Thursday night Brooke cheered her 2nd game, and I went to see it.  I was pretty miserable when we left, and came back home to bed.  All of this has been leading up to Friday evening, when Brooke and I have tickets to see Twilight.  Something we both have been looking forward to since we read the books.  At one point I thought I was going to have Brian drive us to the theater, if I was still on pain meds.  That didn’t happen, and we ended up going on our own.  I was hurting but trying to be excited for Brooke.  It was pretty crazy when we arrived, with a long line and screaming at the beginning.  I had a talker sitting beside me.  When Edward came on screen, she was like “WHUT?”  and then she snorted.  Yeah, I said snorted.  She didn’t like the choice for Edward, and I think you’re not a true twilight fan if you’ve not watched every trailer at least 100 times before the movie came out.  Then she kept talking about the volvo, and snorting at inappropriate times.  Brooke said she had a laugher beside her.  They kind of ruined it for us.  We loved the book, and had so much expectations for the movie.  The movie itself was excellent, it was just the company we shared it with, and my pain level.  I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so we can grab a blanket and watch it on the couch.  That will be awesome. 

So I think maybe I have dry socket.  I can’t imagine why the pain is getting worse as the days go by.  My MIL said I’ve tried to do too much too soon, which could be true, but why does it still hurt when I’m laying around?  Just biding my time until I can get an appointment tomorrow and see what’s up.  I wanna be done with this!!

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