A puppy story


We’ve been on baby (puppy) watch since the weekend, and Wednesday night it finally happened.  It started around 7pm, and she was done at 11:30.  Everything went very well for the first litter, especially since there are four puppies and the momma is such a small girl. 

At this point we think they’re all girls, and they are all adorable!  The first one was all white, the second one is a milk chocolate color, third one looks like momma with black spots and brown on her face, and the last one is the biggest, and she’s mostly black with some white on her face, tummy and tail.  They are named, in the above order, coco, munchi, rocky, and pebbles. 

As soon as Munchi came out, I said she was mine.  Her color is so different, and it turns out she’s the runt.  When all the other girls get in there to nurse, she gets knocked aside.  It’s so hard to watch, so I’ve been sleeping on the floor in Brooke’s room, making sure that munchi gets her share.  (Did I mention that they feed every 40 to 60 minutes?) Yeah, little tired here, but nothing’s gonna happen on my watch! 

I bought some puppy formula and have tried to feed her a couple of times, but she’s not interested, yet.  She is able to nurse on Momma when I help her though, so I’ll keep on helping. 


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