Jacob and Joseph

Genesis 28:20-40:11 Day 3 of 90

I loved today’s reading. There was so much information to process so I’m gonna jump right in.

1. Talk about love at first sight! Jacob loved Rachel and promised to work for seven years in order to marry her. Seven years was up and Laban tricked him into sleeping with Rachel’s older sister, Leah. Jacob promises to work another seven years for Rachel.

2. In chapter 30, Leah conceives and believes she will finally be loved. She felt this way even with the third son she bore. She knew Jacob didn’t love her as he loved Rachel

3. Rachel couldn’t conceive, so she gave Jacob her servant. Did we not learn anything from Sarah?? Leah also gives Jacob her servant to lie with. Leah had six sons and a daughter before Rachel had a son. His name was Joseph. This story just screams that we need to be patient and have courage to wait for God. I know I struggle with that.

4. Jacob is on his way to see Esau and he is very apprehensive about how he will be received. 32:22 says he took his 2 wives, 2 servant wives, and his 11 sons across the Jabbok river. What about his daughter, Dinah? She isn’t mentioned until she is raped by Shechem, and her brothers exact revenge upon him. I feel sorry for her because she isn’t really consoled or taken care of. Something so horrible happened, and she is allowed to go with Shechem until her brothers come to kill him.

I love how Esau greets Jacob. It’s as if the time has healed the distance between them and all is forgiven. Forgiveness can do amazing things for you!

In 33:14 Jacob tells Esau he would meet him at Seir, but then he stops at Shechem. Why did he do that?

5. Jacob wrestles with God! And he is not giving up until God blesses him.

6. There is so much in the story of Joseph to talk about, but the big thing is that God blesses him and helps him succeed in everything he does.

What do you have to say about today’s readings?

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