Genesis 17:1-28:19

I didn’t get the chance to blog last night because my daughter cheered at her 2nd game. She is more important, so I’m updating now. I’ll just give you the highlights, and hope you will read it for yourself. Let me know your thought too.

1. I was surprised when Abraham laughed to himself in disbelief as God told him Sarah would give him a child. Even though he had doubts, he still obeyed God.

2. Genesis 18:14 Is anything too hard for the Lord?

3. I questioned Lot and his intentions when he offered his daughters to such wicked men. Do you think he was banking on them not being interested in her?

4. I love that the angel grabbed Lot’s hand and his wife’s and rushed them out of the city. How cool is that?

5. The faith of Abraham has always stunned me when God asks him to sacrifice Isaac. I wish I could say I would be just like him, but I know I would honestly argue with God. What I’ve never really paid attention to is Isaac. I mean, he asks where the sacrificial animal is and Abraham tells him that God will provide, but then Abraham straps him on the altar. Isaac didn’t resist! It was then that God intervened.

6. Jacob deceives Esau for his birthright but Esau saw what he wanted and exaggerated starvation. Instant gratification early on in the bible! Esau didn’t stop to think about the consequences.

7. Isaac follows his fathers footsteps-tell them you are my sister. Was he shaped by his father?

8. Jacob deceives a second time when he listens to Rebekah and gets Isaac to bless him.

Ok, you go read it and come back so we can talk about it!

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