Back to School

Every year is difficult for me. Same with birthdays and holidays. These are the days that it slaps me in the face, my babies are growing up. Yes it’s natural, but it hurts. How I long for the days when I wasn’t embarrassing to them, and when hugs and kisses were still cool.

We have a tradition around here. Maybe you have it too. I always take a first day of school picture of them standing in front of our peonies. I love it, they hate it. They complain, they relent. Until this year. Brooke wouldn’t do it.

I may have said something irrational like, “it’s a freaking first day of school tradition!”, but I can’t completely own that right now. What I can do is this. Just two days before, we had gone out to eat with the in laws, and I made the kids pose in front of a giant giraffe. Brooke made me promise that I wouldn’t post the picture on Facebook, and I did promise that.

Now, I knew they had something planned, so I snapped a picture before they realized it. Then I snapped another one. Neither one is going to pass the Brooke test. She is super critical of self portraits…not sure where that comes from. (me) ahem…

Anyway, I didn’t post the picture on Facebook, but I am forced to post it here to document how big she is on or near the first day of school.


Brooke is a sophomore. She’s beautiful, inside and out. I love her!


Zach is in the 7th grade this year. He’s so handsome and funny. I love him!


Matthew is in 2nd grade. He just got these glasses. I think he is so dang cute! I love him!image

Every year is difficult. My babies are growing up. I love them so much!

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