Where did last week go?

Last week is a blur of images in my head. I remember lots of fever checks and Motrin giving, followed by cough syrup and Tamiflu. The Tamiflu I remember well because the pharmacy gave us liquid for Matthew and it is disgusting. I mean in the worst possible way-BAD! Trying to get that down him twice a day without it making him sick was a feat in itself. Note to self – if the pharmacy doesn’t have pills in his dosage, drive to another pharmacy. Seriously.

Matthew still had a fever on Thursday, so he didn’t go to school on Friday. The big dilemma was going to be his basketball game on Saturday, but he really wanted to go. I told him that if he started coughing too much the coach may have him sit on the bench and he was ok with that. I think he really wanted to be there with his friends, and boy am I glad I took him. It was game 6 of 10 for these first graders, and God love ’em, they hadn’t had a win yet. Until Saturday!! That’s right people, they won! Finally they played against a team that was on their level. I swear the other teams have looked like they’ve been playing for years.

On the way out of the gym Matthew was coughing a lot. When I mentioned we might need to use the yucky cough medicine when we got home, he told Grammie and I that he had thrown up twice in his mouth on the court. Umm..gross!! And then he threw up in the parking lot. So probably not the best parenting decision, but when I asked him if it was worth it to be there and play in the winning game he said YES! Oh, the score was 14 – 12 and they play 6 quarters, 6 minutes in length. It was exciting people, I promise you that.

The game just wore me out so after running into the grocery store for a few things we headed over to the McDonalds drive thru. (Another great parenting moment) That was pretty much the most we had done all week, so I took a nap. I had bought some frozen pizza for dinner, but they all fended for themselves (oh my goodness, did that really happen??) and it was a quiet evening.

Brian was still sick yesterday so the kids and I went to church. It was an awesome day because in the two services, 15 people were baptized! FIFTEEN! I love how our church does baptisms. We’re all standing and singing, and the side screens light up with these amazing testimonies. Stories of sin and grace. Love, loss, mercy and forgiveness. Then they enter the baptismal and are baptized and we all cheer and party like its 1999. Just like the angels are in Heaven rejoicing, so do we!

All this leads me to today. I awoke with a plan to have a nice breakfast of oatmeal with berries and a banana,drive all children to their designated schools,pack a healthy lunch, and go to work. Simple plan that was going swimmingly until I reached the stop light right before the shop. My phone rang, and it was the middle school. Immediately I panic, but then I tell myself he probably just forgot something at home. I answer and the school nurse tells me that Zach is in the office throwing up. Really?!

By this time I’m already in the parking lot at work, so I go in and inform one of the guys what is going on and turn around and leave. I don’t know what we’re dealing with yet, because he’s been asleep since we came home. I do know that he was sitting in class and almost passed out. He developed tunnel vision, started shaking and got hot. While I was rehashing last weeks illnesses with the school nurse, she informed me that it has been a VERY busy few weeks for her.

So my boss isn’t happy with me for missing last week and now today, so I may get fired. And my boss is my husband! It’s not like I want my kids to be sick for crying out loud.

Did you have an eventful week?

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