Thirty Eight

Today I turned 38. I have the gray hairs to prove it. The first time I wrote 38 beside my name was this morning when I took Matthew to the doctor. He was a little whiny on Saturday, so I thought he was coming down with something, but then Sunday he seemed better. Yesterday I asked them to clean their rooms and he started complaining of a sore throat. Now being the great mom I am, I sprayed some Cepacol on his throat and sent him on his cleaning way. He didn’t complain anymore until we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. Basketball practice  tonight would have made it a little late to go out, so we rolled with it. Only when we got sat down at the restaraunt, Matthew looked really pale. Then he developed dark circles under his eyes, and before the salads came out his head was on the table! He got so sick, so quick! We stopped at CVS on the way home and stocked up on Motrin and cough syrup. His temp was 101 when we got home, and he went straight to bed. Without being asked. My baby is sick!

The Delsym didn’t work on his cough, so within a few hours he was up and in bed with me. We have a king size bed, so there’s a whole lotta room on the other side, but he snuggled up right next to me. Even his feet were hot! Our night was spent tossing and turning, and when he started moaning in his sleep I’d wake him up and take his temp, re dose him with Motrin and change the cool cloth on his head.

As I went to get his clothes this morning he said “Mom, can I tell you something?”. I leaned down on the bed next to him and he said “Happy Birthday”. Oh melt my heart you sweet boy! I gave him a hug and kissed his head, to which he said “are you sure you wanna do that?”. Oh how he brings me joy.

The strep test was negative but the flu test was strongly positive. Since we hadn’t had the fever for over 24 hours she prescribed Tamiflu, and even gave me prescriptions for the other kids. God bless her!! By the time we left the doctor and picked up the prescriptions, with some gatorade and popsicles, my boy was pooped! He came home and crashed out. We can’t seem to keep the fever under control, it’s been as high as 103 and I don’t like that.

Someone said they were sorry I had to spend my birthday like this. But ya know what? I’m a mom, and this is what a mom does. I hold heads when they are throwing up, and then I wipe mouths. I give hugs and kisses when they don’t feel well. I snuggle and rub backs and feed popsicles. I hate that my baby boy is so sick, but today is just another day. I happened to turn 38 today because 38 years ago my mom endured a difficult and painful labor with me, and God blessed me with another day. Another day that I can use to take care of my sick kiddo. And I am grateful to Him for that.

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