OneWord 2011

This has been hard for me, mainly because I am such an indecisive person. I like to look at things from various different angles. I like to see different perspectives. I’m a feeling kinda person. I could think of many many words that I would like to put into action and strive for, so how can I choose? Well, the truth is, I couldn’t. I was obsessed, thinking of words, and upset with myself that I couldn’t come up with one word!

So, after a few days of struggling with myself, I lay in bed one night and turned it over to God. I know, Duh, why didn’t I think of that sooner?? Well, I’m a stubborn sinner too. I often try to handle situations on my own, and then I consult the One who can help me. You should know this about me, and I’m working on it. Really! Anyway, I couldn’t fall asleep, which is so unusual for me. As I lay there praying for friends, I threw myself into the mix and asked God to give me His word. I told Him I didn’t want it to be my word, I wanted it to be the word that He would choose for me. (In my head I’m thinking it will be a pretty word like LOVE. Or peace. Maybe patience. Faithfulness, grace, mercy…you get the picture.

A song popped into my mind and I started singing along to “you and me baby we’re stuck like glue”, very quietly so as not to wake my sleeping husband. The song kept going on and on in my head until finally I began to question where is this coming from? I remember grabbing my phone and making a note. GLUE  is this my word God? For 2011? His word? Bond adhere hold together strong. That was my note. I’m thinking, glue-really? That’s not a pretty word! Glue is messy!

After a few more days of waiting for a new word, I am convinced that Glue is my one word for 2011. It’s messy because I am messy. I sometimes make a mess of things. I have a Heavenly Father who cleans up after me. I need to fully rely on Him, and go to Him. Stick with Him like glue. Be bound to Him. Together we are stronger.

Here’s the verse that I found to go along with it. Job 14:17 AMP My transgression is sealed up in a bag, and You glue up my iniquity. (to preserve it in full for the day of reckoning)

I plan to follow up on this later, but I wanted to commit my word to the world. My one word is GLUE.


  1. GLUE!!! I really, really LOVE that word! So meaty… (and sticky)….

    My word: FORWARD

  2. glue. “be bound to Him.” powerful imagery in that! love that this is your heart’s focus for the year.

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