Funny, sweet, sincere, passionate, and thoughtful can be used to describe Zach. He’d been out of school for a few days and I kept hearing his alarm go off. After the third day, I told him to turn his alarm off because it was summer vacation. His reply was, “exactly, it’s summer vacation, and I don’t want to miss it.” After convincing him to turn it off, he begrudgingly went to bed. The next day when he woke up, I was reading in the chair. He came out of his room, looked at me and then looked at the clock on the wall behind me, and went on a rant. “That…that..that’s disgraceful! It’s 12:22! That’s disgraceful!!” When I finished laughing, I explained to him that he’d been up very late the past few nights and his body needed the sleep. Zach goes on to say, “I missed a meal! Now I’m going to have to eat breakfast and lunch!” He cracks me up. He missed a meal and probably a few video games, and he didn’t want to sleep away his summer.

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