I must confess…

 I had a birthday this month, and I am now officially old.  I feel it, and I have the grey hair to prove it.  36 is the big one for me!  ( I really don’t think I should have grey hair, but I do!) 

The day went well for me though.  Matthew made it seem like a national holiday.  I am just thankful that God has blessed me with another birthday!


  1. Hi there,
    This is Auntie, aka Dog Girl.
    Happy (belated) birthday.
    Yes, 36 is a BIG one. You’re officially on the other side of 35 and all of a sudden 40 is in your face.
    It was awful when I was approaching 40 (I am now a young 50).
    Maybe because I never had children.
    But guess what?
    Turing 40 was the greatest!
    Just you watch.
    It’s like all of a sudden you’re a Big Girl now, and you you know waaaaay more than all the young whipper-snappers.
    40 was much better than 30.
    Talk to you later!

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