Social Media

Here’s a great thing about social media.  I have to say this because sometimes it’s a huge waste of time!  Last night on Twitter one of my “friends” that I’ve never met or actually talked to, cried out for prayer.  She was having a rough night and asked for prayer.  I sent her a direct message asking for specifics, and set out to pray.  I sent up a quick prayer for her to feel peace and love, and for her to be able to see the many blessings that she has.  I got back on and told her what I’d done, and that I was signing off to pray more specifically.  Her next post was about her 7 year old coming into the room and telling her she looked like she needed a hug, and then gave her one.  She said she has awesome kids. 

Today she is doing much better and sent me a thank you.  A bond was formed, and I may never meet her this side of Heaven, but in Heaven I’m sure we’ll meet!


  1. growinginprayer says:

    I just happened upon this blog (as I’m incredibly new to WordPress, I’m just stumbling about anyway) and I had to comment on your post.

    Your experience here made me think of a class I’m taking at church right now and a fellow classmate said that he wished God had a phone number so he could send him a text message when he needed something…or when he just HAD to tell him something. I thought, “That man needs Twitter!”

    I’m also on Twitter and I’m amazed at how often I read from my “friends” about holes in their lives that are perfect to ask God to fill. I’m sure your new friend is thankful that you were there to hear her call for prayer – it’s a nice reminder from God, too, that we could be reaching out to others more often.

    Cheers to you.

  2. Sorry! – I just realized I’m so new to this that I hadn’t set up my comments to link-back to my own blog. So here we are – – now I’m not nearly as….hidden!


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