More on dry socket

Yesterday I went back into the oral surgeons office to have the packing changed.  They asked me if I was ready to be done with it, and I’m jumping for the chance.  I ask, “how do you tell?”  I haven’t even taken any Ibuprofen and have been feeling good the past two days.  That’s when they told me there’s no science to it, it’s just trial and error.  They remove the packing, and I go home.  If the pain comes back, I go in and they pack it again.  Now this doesn’t sound right to me.  With all the advances in science and technology, why should we have to suffer some more?  Anyway, I was ready to be able to irrigate them myself, so I said I was ready.  She removed them, both of them were stuck this time, and that just reinforced my thoughts on being done with all of it by the way. 

We left and went to Target to pick up a few stocking stuffers, milk and bread, and by the time we were leaving I was on the phone making an appointment to have the left side packed again.  The right side felt fine, until last night.  Now it’s hurting again, and I don’t want to call the Dr. again, I feel like a problem patient.  I don’t know if it’s the dry socket, or the uppers.  The whole right side hurts again.  I just want to cry


  1. oh no. Try making apple sauce out of fresh apples…I had the worst dry sockets ever…I feel your pain!

    • Thanks, that actually sounds really good right now. I’m trying to endure, but sometimes it gets to me. Struggling with that now, which is why I’m up! How long did yours last?

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