Monday was spent in the basement.  That’s where the washer and dryer is, except I couldn’t find them for the huge pile of laundry!  I spent the entire day doing laundry.  I figured out that I can start a load in the dryer, then throw a load of blankets in the washer and hang that up to dry when done, then throw another load of clothes in the washer, and the washer and dryer will be done around the same time.  No more waiting on my dryer to finish.  I washed 18 loads that way!  Only half of those did I run the dryer though.  The only thing I’ve folded and put away so far is the sheets and blankets.  The rest of the laundry is piled up on the loveseat in the family room, waiting on family folding fun night!!  It is a mountainous pile, almost reaching the ceiling!  Yesterday was spent running around, so I’m behind again on laundry.  Why does it never stop? 

While I was down there, I cleaned up the area, and I’m making a scrapbook nook.  I’m so excited about it.  A designated spot for my stuff, and I don’t have to pack it away every time I need to stop.  It’s the little things…

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