Growing Food

Tonight I’m using up the last of my green and serano peppers from the garden in a yummy smelling pepper steak.  I have a small sense of sadness that it’s turned cooler and my plants are dying.  There was a great sense of accomplishment when I was feeding my family good food that I had grown. 

My parents have Persimmon trees, and I grew up on Persimmon pudding.  Saturday was so special when my mom had made one for us, and she was talking about not being able to pick them up.  Brooke and I decided to help her out, so we went outside and started picking them up.  Mom came out with a bucket, and said if we filled that up it was enough for 4 pudding.  We filled that up, and another, and then some.  I finally had to call it quits because I didn’t think I could bend down anymore.  I’d planned on my mom keeping some, but she sent us home with all of them.  Sunday and Monday we processed 23 cups of Persimmon pulp!  I can hardly wait to have me some pudding!!

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