Fall Break

Uneventful and blissful.  That was our fall break.  Thursday we enjoyed sleeping in, and it was a beautiful day outside too!  We went and picked out pumpkins, something that we used to do every year with granny and grampa.  Grampa would take us out to the orchard that he picked apples at, and we’d spend time in the pumpkin patch, then wander over to the blackberries and apple trees.  When we were done in the fields we’d head back up to the store for some apple cider.  With Grampa gone it’s just not the same.  Fun was had and pumpkins were picked, but it was a little sad.  God love Brooke, she was trying to soothe my tears and she said, “you know he’s in Heaven watching us right now!”.  She is so right! 

I did learn about some pumpkins though.  Did you know there are pumpkins called Out too late?  Yep, they look like bloodshot eyes!  How about a warty pumpkin?  You guessed it, covered in warty looking things.  What about a Fairy tale pumpkin?  Well, just think of Cinderella’s carriage.  That’s what it reminds me of.  I picked one of those because it’s purple.  There’s also a peanut pumpkin that looks like it’s covered in peanut shells.  There’s my babies hanging out with the $50 pumpkins!  Brooke already had her hair up in a bun for dance.  She’ll not be happy with me for posting this picture!  Sorry Boo Bear, mommy loves you:)

On Friday it rained, so we went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  The theater was a madhouse, poor planning on my part, apparently some High School Musical 3 came out.  Anyone heard of that?  Yeah, me either!  The first two showings were sold out, as was the first of our movie, so we bought tickets and went to the mall.  Zach got his halloween costume, Brooke got a Twilight T-shirt and poster, and Matthew drug us into Build A Bear for another buddy.  It’s a good thing I had the gift cards for the movies, because we spent our allowance at the mall. 

The movie was very cute, especially since we have two little chihuahua’s.  It was refreshing to not cringe at any scenes or language.  All in all a very sweet movie about friendship, loyalty and promises.


  1. Girl,

    Are yo a Chihuahua person. Me too. Although mine is a mix and I love that little dog so much.

    Loved these pictures too. Fun….

  2. Had been wondering about that movie, my kids want to see it??

    and $50 pumpkins!

    and sigh..lost both my grandparents last year. They were AMAZING people and VERY old, but still.

    and it looks so warm in your neck o the woods? jealous!

    Carissa @mommygossip-gno

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