Working Mom

Today I am a working (away from home) mom.  Brian owns his own business, and I used to work with/for him.  I was put on bedrest with Matthew our youngest, in June of 2003, and since that time I have been a stay at home (working) mom.  I feel very privileged to be able to do that, and I love my husband dearly for the hard work that he does to provide for our family.  I also miss seeing him throughout the day like we did when we were together at the shop, and have toyed with the idea of going back once Matthew goes to school.

Brian thinks he is Superman and lifts things that should really require 3 men to lift.  Due to this, he is laid up in bed today with severe back pain.  As I was trying to help him out this morning, he asked me to do him a favor.  I, of course, said “what?”.  Well, he asked me to go into work to help them out with answering phones and stuff.  (Big pause here for you to breathe and digest.  That’s what I needed to do, so I’m allowing you the same.)  At the time he asked, I had been cleaning the kitchen, and was in the midst of mopping.  I had grand ideas of all the projects that I was going to finish today, and I was really going to do it.  Not like most other times!  I was motivated, and then this dropped in my lap.

I didn’t let it get me down though.  I spritzed myself with deodorant, took the sweats off and got dressed, left the hair in a pony tail, and came in.  So far it’s not been bad.  Dare I say I’ve actually enjoyed it?  Umm,, yeah.  It’s been good.  Kind of slow for me, but I do have blogging to do!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll still be in the mood to clean, but I seriously doubt it!  I’ll probably just do what has to be done, and spend time playing with Matthew.  I do miss that little ball of giggles!

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