Kids are my job

With the start of school came the back to school night, the open house, meet the teachers, too many students enrolled in the 4th grade, 31 to 33 in each of the 4 classes, and a new teacher being brought in.  Can you say chaos?  Oh, and the 7th grader had homework on the first night…not a good sign!  And that was only 3 days. 

Friday night we went to see SUPERHERO, a production by Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, documenting the last week of Jesus’ life.  It was incredible!!!  Brooke and I had seen it last year, and were moved to tears by it.  We took Brian and Zach with us this time, and cried again.  The performances are so powerful, and 3 of the performers actually teach Brooke in dance.  We are so blessed. 

Saturday was free, and I was looking forward to getting some stuff done around the house, and then just lounging!  My friend Shannon has been talking about this great book, and I’m not gonna tell you the name of it yet, so I was going to the book store too.  Brian and Zach were going to watch some racing at a dirt track, and it was smooth sailing at home for me.  That all changed when Brian said his mom and dad were going to the races too, so we all went. 

I’m used to Zach racing on concrete or asphalt, so the dirt is something to get used to.  I’m not a fan of it yet, but Brian assures me that Zach is ready to race the mini sprint, and that it is much cheaper than quarter midgets.  We’ll see!

Yesterday I helped a friend out with some digital scrapbooking, and did get to read that book.  Ya know, the book that I haven’t told you the name of yet, because it is so good I want to review it here for you, at a later date in time.  Sorry for keepin’ ya hangin!

Laundry was on my list today.  I hate laundry!

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