This week has flown by.  We’ve gone swimming, to the orthodontist, looked at cars, went to see Wall E, and hung out.  Swimming was great, orthodontist was frustrating, Wall E was really cute, and hanging out was relaxing.  Looking at cars was….enough to make me homicidal!  Seriously, the car market stinks!  Unless you’re a car salesman, then all the cars sitting on the lot are very rare gems, worth quite a lot.  And your trade in is worthless!  The whole thing has made me very grumpy!  I’m praying for God’s direction, because sometimes my heart tends to get in the way.  We just want to save a little money, and I would get much better gas mileage with a mini van.  I just never thought I’d drive a mini van.  I don’t feel old enough to drive a mini van.  No offense to anyone, because I actually really liked one when I gave it a chance.  It drives really nice, the keyfob that opens the doors and the back hatch are really nice, it is quite roomy, and has the same seating capacity as my Escalade.  I took it to CVS and got a couple of things, and there was quite a lot of room in the back.  I love the Stow and Go storage.  That would be great for the Hot Wheels, blankets, water bottles and snacks that we seem to always have rolling around on the floor. 

Now it’s decision time.  Anyone out there have a mini van with some suggestions for me?


  1. We seriously love our 2005 Honda Odyssey

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