Cardboard Testimony

I found this on a great faith filled site called A Walk Through the Valley, and just cried.  I’m still so shaken and moved by it, the song lyrics still running through my head.  What would my cardboard say?  Can I pin it down to one thing?   That’s hard. 

Watch it and let me know how you feel.  What would your cardboard sign say?  Without Him and with Him.



  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog and the link back. This is such a powerful video. I have watched it three times now and every time I can’t help but cry. Tears of joy! God has given us all so much and he has fogiven so much. To think of what that pastor says at the end “What if this were your welcoming committee in Heave?” just makes me think about all the “Christians” who shun others for not being so picture perfect – yet God will NEVER shun us if we come to Him. Praise God!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. WOW! I don’t know how anyone could watch this without being brought to tears. I hope you don’t mind if I use this on my own blog. I want to share this my friends as well. It touched my heart so much this morning. I was really struggling with something personal this morning that was looming from yesterday, but after watching this it doesn’t even matter anymore. Thanks for inviting me over to your blog.

  3. I still cry when I watch. It’s so simple yet powerful.


  1. […] Jen for sharing. God is amazing. He really does […]

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