Noah teaches us

Noah was a man that stood for righteousness in an unrighteous generation.  He lived in a time of incredible darkness in the world, yet he chose to walk in the light.  Surely he must have felt alone, but he was never forsaken.  Noah’s life was blessed by God’s grace.  The very same grace that God extended to Noah, He extends to us.  Can we do any less than to live for Him? 

Noah was given an impossible task.  He was asked to collect two of every kind of animal on the planet and put them in the ark.  Can you even stop to imagine this for a minute?  How could he possibly do this?  He served our God, the great I AM, in which nothing is impossible.

He had to let go and let God.  Noah could not do the impossible task of collecting all those animals, but God could.  Noah just let go and let God bring the animals to him.  We can let go and let God!  I actually have a keychain that reminds me of that very phrase daily.  Is anything too hard for God? 

Sin’s darkness is alive and well, but so is Jesus Christ.  We are the light of the world.  God sent a great light in the form of an infant child.  May you and I be faithful to walk in that Light as we seek to follow the Son! 


  1. Hey Jen,

    I’ve been gone for awhile, so busy with so many things, but I’m trying to re-focus on the important stuff. Like reading inspirational blogs like yours. Thanks for this post! I’m finding myself in a bit of darkness right now and trying so hard to stay in the light. It would be so easy to do the “worldly” thing for me right now but I’m called and commanded to be beyond that. He didn’t say it would be easy, but He did say I wouldn’t be alone.

    God Bless you!

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