Last night the boys and I were sitting in our big snuggler chair.  One of them, ahem, passed gas.  Matthew says, “he’s the tootiest”! 

Brooke was dropped off at cheer practice, and then we took Zach to a friends house, so Mattie and I were on our own for a while this afternoon.  I decided to head over to the christian book store.  Matthew is always so good when we’re there.  They have lego blocks to play with, and usually a Veggietales movie playing.  Matthew was exceptionally well behaved today, so at the checkout he got to pick something out.  OK, so you know those rubbery shoes that you can put these cute little doo dads in?  Crocs I think.  Anyway, they have bracelets made out of the same rubbery stuff, and they have charms to go on them.  One of Matthew’s is a guitar that says “Jesus Rocks”.  So yeah, he’s going around saying Jesus Rocks!  It’s so cute!

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