We survived

The largest flood in many, many years, and we survived.  Where were the forecasters?  Did anyone say we were going to get 10 inches of rain?  I didn’t hear it if they did! 

I had been digging holes and transplanting plants when we heard the thunder Friday night.  We came inside, and had some sort of power surge/outage where we lost about half of the power.  The microwave and one TV were out, and the lights were dim.  Our neighbor called experiencing the same problem.  Brian ended up turning all the power off, saying something about the refrigerator motor burning up.  Luckily, the kids settled down, and Matthew curled up on my lap and went to sleep by candlelight.  Shortly after they went to bed the power came back on. 

It rained and thundered ALL night.  I don’t think I can ever remember such a long thunderstorm!  When I woke up Sunday morning, the creek was out of it’s banks and swiftly flowing in our yard.  I kept a diligent eye on it, and when it hit a certain spot on our basement patio, we started moving furniture.  I was surprised at how quickly it did come up to the sliding doors, and inside the house.  Luckily God was taking care of us, and it came in about a foot, then quickly started receding when the rain stopped!  The kids took advantage of the furniture being moved and built forts.  I ended up going back outside later in the day, and planted more flowers.  The ground was much easier to dig! 

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