Works for me Wednesday


We’re only on day 4 of summer vacation here, and I’ve already questioned myself on why I was in such a hurry for it to arrive.  For some strange reason my oldest two kids think they need to be entertained every waking hour they’re up.  “What are we gonna do today?”  “What are we gonna do now?”  These questions are a common phrase.  Followed by “what’s for lunch?”  Don’t even think about a sandwich or bowl of soup, because that’s not what they want.  It seems that whatever I offer, it’s not the right choice for them. 

I have found a few things that are helping me keep my sanity, so I’m sharing them with you and everyone over at Rocks In My Dryer.

For my pre-teen daughter, the lifesaver has been texting on her new cell phone (spoiled rotten brat touch phone).  Also instant messaging on the computer.  It’s all about communicating with friends! 

My oldest son is in basketball camp right after lunch, and then he’s been keeping busy with daddy at work. 

Then there’s the water balloon fights.  If you were to walk up our front sidewalk right now, you’d see many brightly colored balloons lying around.  We’ve had lots of fun inventing new games with them. 

We also spend time swimming, and making art with sidewalk chalk.  Those are things that everyone has fun with. 

Today everyone was bored and the house was a mess, so I initiated the 20 minute tidy.  I set the timer and told them we had 20 minutes to pick up and put things away.  The only one who whined about it was Zach, and he quit once we had a talk about the attitude.  He even mopped the kitchen floor without being asked, and after the timer went off!  I’ll do that one again.  Hope you find something that works for you, and you have an enjoyable summer with the kids.

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