Where have I been?

I’ve been on a little bloggy hiatus that was not planned.  Oh, how I wish I could tell you a wonderful story about warm beaches and spending time with the fam, but I cannot.  I’ve been here all along.  Lost in my own world. 

I’ve been under attack lately, and I just figured out that I’m to blame for that.  Physically, spiritually, financially, and mentally under attack, but it all stops now.  I rebuke satan in the holy and precious name of Jesus Christ, and take away the hold he’s had on me!  I will no longer allow myself to fall into his traps, and wallow in self pity.  I will rejoice and be glad in all the blessings that God has given me.  He gave His Son for me, and I will forever praise Him!  He healed my ear and returned my hearing after 2 different antibiotics.  All of a sudden I could hear, and to top it off we were in church!  He helped me complete all the tasks I had committed to, and on time.  He’s given me a great husband, who works very hard to support us, and loves us very much.  We are all healthy and safe.  We are not hungry or cold.  We have what we need, and then some.  He’s also blessed me with wonderful parents who pray for us, and we have a great relationship.  And friends, great friends I can share with.  I am truly blessed. 

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