Oh what a night

Be forewarned, if you don’t want to read a bunch of ramblings, move on.

I couldn’t carry on a conversation with Brooke after school today, because she and her boyfriend were continually texting one another.  Note to self—read her texts before she deletes them!

She wouldn’t do her homework before dance.  She said there was plenty of time afterwards.  We dropped her off and then ran to Target.  I’ve totally sort of over committed myself with a few projects.  I’m making teacher scrapbooks for teacher appreciation week, letters for a sign for an anniversary party, and something (100 somethings) that talks about World Vision and the girl sponsored by IAX.  I need paper for all of these things, and it would seem that I’m all out.  Zach needs shorts too, Brooke wants cookie dough, and Matthew just had a bad case of the wants.  Everything he saw, he wanted.  After a long and stressful time shopping, we went to pick up some Taco Bell.  Everyone else had that idea too.  There were 8 cars in front of us.  EIGHT. 

Oh, and that homework.  Yeah, I had to help with it.  What upsets me is that it was coloring, cutting and pasting.  Isn’t that what Kindergarteners do, not middle schoolers?  Maybe I’m wrong…
Anyway, it was over an hour past bedtime when this was completed.  I tucked her in and thought it was time to get busy on those projects.  She then came out of her room, grabs my cell phone and proceeds to call hers.  Then she picks hers up out of the chair and starts to go to her room.  I said she needed to put the phone up in her bag, and go to bed, because it was too late to be texting.  I’ll spare the details, but I’m a mean mom, and most of her friends don’t even have a bedtime.  I pray that in 15 years she’ll like me.  Did I mention that Brian is out of town and I’m single parenting?  Maybe that’s why I’m stressed. 

It’s also election day here, and quite frankly I’m sick to death of hearing all of the muck these candidates have to say. 

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