My daughter, the cheerleader…

Last week was difficult.  We had smiles, conflicts, tears, and drama.  Brooke and her friend A had cheer practice twice and then try outs on Friday.  The conflicts were with dance, which I had feared wouldn’t go well.  I’m still a bit upset about how things were handled, but praying about how to respond. 

The tryouts went well, except she committed the one cardinal sin of a cheerleader.  Apparently you’re not supposed to say WOOOO.  And she did… 

I want you to try it yourself.  Do a little cheer and try to finish it with something other than Woooo.  It’s hard isn’t it? 

The results were supposed to be posted at 8:00 p.m.  We went and waited in the rain for an hour before they actually posted the results.  The wait was grueling and nerve racking to say the least.  It’s not something we are accustomed to at all.  My baby girl has been dancing since she was two years old, so that’s all we know.  This is a whole different crowd we’re dealing with. 

The results were in, and she made it.  She made it, and she was upset and crying.  Terribly sad and stricken.  How does a mom respond to that and make it better?  Well, prayer and chocolate of course!  See, there’s fall cheerleaders and winter cheerleaders.  Brooke wanted fall, and was chosen for winter.  Her friend A was chosen for fall.  I think it’s great because I really don’t understand football all that much, and it’s played outside in the cold and rain.  We’ll be inside a warm gym watching basketball, and she’ll have a floor to do her stuff on.  Daddy told her Indiana is known for their hoops anyway.  She has some friends on the same squad, and her friend who is a boy  told her all the kids go to the basketball games.  Now she’s excited!  We’re really proud of her too.  Out of 24 girls, only 16 were chosen and she was one of them.  Go Brooke!!!!!

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