Dance Update

Yesterday was Brooke’s last dance competition of the season.  It’s kind of sad, but kind of a relief too.  It went really well.  Hip Hop had some changes made, and they were missing M, who recently had surgery.  Get better soon M!!  We miss you.  It looked good, and scored a gold, with overall ranking placed 3rd out of 5.  Tap and Jazz were the best I’ve seen ever.  The judges thought so too, because they both scored a Platinum.  Both of them placed in the top 10 as well.  It was a very good outcome for them, and I’m very proud of them.  Most of them have worked so hard.  My Boo bear certainly has! 

Tomorrow she’s gonna try out for cheerleading.  My baby, entering the 7th grade, and she wants to be a cheerleader.  One of her friends from dance is trying out as well, and her mom is having a hip replacement tomorrow.  Please keep Kim in your prayers.  She’s been suffering in pain for a while now. 



  1. LOVE the new look! How long have I been gone? I have a lot of catching up to do. I love the Matthew’isms! London asked me if I “would mind” something the other day – stopped me in my tracks. Yeah, where do they get this stuff?

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