Stop the presses and go outside to check for damage.  Indiana was rocked by an EARTHQUAKE this morning that centered in Illinois.  This is being rated a moderate EARTHQUAKE at 5.4 on the richter scale. 

We awoke at 5:37 a.m. to what sounded like a tremendous wind and the bed was shaking.  I thought an airplane was flying really close to our house, like right above the roof!  Brian actually said “that was an earthquake”.  We then went back to sleep. 

Now I’m up and seeing all of the information rolling in on the morning news.  They’re saying this is the largest recorded earthquake for Indiana.  Reports are coming in from Louisville Kentucky about some structural damage to some buildings.  Everything’s fine here.  An exciting way to start the day though.  Now I’m gonna go re-read the book of Revelation! 



  1. I heard this on the radio. Bizarre! I had no idea anywhere in the midwest could be hit by earthquakes. I remember back in ~ ’91 or ’92, Arizona got hit with one and it really freaked the people out that I worked with. I missed it as I was sleeping on a waterbed at the time so I didn’t feel a thing.

    Glad everyone is okay!

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