Sometimes I just can’t think of a title. 

Last week was spring break here, and it was cool and rainy.  While the boys were at the grandparents house, Brooke and I hung out.  The next day was her turn to sleep over at Grammie’s, so the boys and I watched The Game Plan and played games.  We had two days with dental appointments, and on Friday Zach and I went to the eye doctor to see about him getting contacts.  I was really surprised that his vision had gotten worse in 10 months, and with his glasses he was 20/40.  He did really well with the contacts, and in fact got them in on the third and second try.  Then he had to take one out, and put it back in, and his vision was tested again.  The new prescription made him 20/20.  It’s all pretty amazing to me to watch, but anyone who knows me understands what a weenie I am when it comes to eye drops.  It just gweebs me out!!  Now I’m watching my 9 year old son put these in his eyes like it’s nothing.  Something I didn’t expect was the samples that they had in the office.  They sent us home with them that day!  After that we came home and researched “mens” haircuts.  He decided on an Ashton Kutcher look and it turned out really nice.  I’m just so glad I can see his ears and forehead now!  Matthew got a buzz cut, not intentionally on my part.  I said a typical boys cut, and before I knew what was going on the clippers were on and a stripe of hair was gone.  Hopefully it will warm up soon so his head doesn’t freeze! 

That doesn’t seem likely though, as the first race is scheduled for Saturday, and snow flurries are being predicted.  We went out to the track tonight to practice, and the 160 motor is junk.  I don’t even want to run it if we’re not going to be competitive, so we need to figure something out before Saturday.  We’ll see.

I have so much on my To Do list this week, and I know it’s not going to get checked off.  That really bugs me, but I still don’t see a way to get it all done.  So this post was pretty boring, but my life.  And I’m happy.  God Bless You!


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