New Do’

I guess you could call me a hip and happenin’ mom.  I took Brooke to the salon today and she got highlites.  She has beautiful blonde hair, but she wanted red highlights.  Strawberry blonde as she called them.  The stylist was like, Oh, are you sure, because your hair is blonde and pretty.  I said if it were up to me, we’d lighten it up a bit, but do what Brooke wants.  I was in the back of the salon and couldn’t really see what was going on, and then she came back and chatted with me while our hair was in foil, and she was so, so excited.  When she came back, she was beautiful of course.  Jackie, the stylist, said the red will tone down after a few shampoos.  She also tried to accomodate both of us and put in some blonde streaks too.  It’s cute, and bright, and funky, and bright, and pink in spots, and bright red.  Trying to put a photo up for you to check it out. img_0470.jpg

Ok, this only took me more than an hour to put up.  I learned that I needed to optimize the photo to make it fit.  HAH!!!  I feel good now.  So with all that work, please comment for me?! 


  1. I think her hair looks great! How wonderful that the two of you got to have a day together doing “girl stuff”. 🙂

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