Works for Me Wednesday


It’s another episode of Works for me Wednesday over at Rocks In My Dryer.  Hop on over there after you’re done here and check out all the great tips. 

Digital Scrapbooking is what works for me today.  As you may know, I’m a consultant for Creative Memories.  I love, love, love to scrapbook.  Sometimes I just need to throw one together quickly, and lack the creativity that I need.  So I do a digital scrapbook by uploading my pictures, and dragging and dropping, cutting and pasting, and voila!  The end product is a sturdy hard bound book.  I made one for my son’s third birthday and he loves to look at it.  It only took me around 2 hours to do!  I then made one for my oldest sons racing last year, documenting his race for the championship.  I actually made 4, and gave three as gifts, and plan to use the other one to show prospective sponsors for him.  It’s fast, fun, easy, and cheap.  Just visit my website at and click on Digital Scrapbooks to learn more about it. 

Yes, I’m trying to help you preserve your memories while having fun, and make a little extra money for me.  I’m really sorry if this offends you.  Please forgive me. 


  1. My cousin is a CMC, too, and their digital scrapbooks are really nice! thanks for the tip and recommendation. I’m a tried and true paper scrapbooker for now, but I’ll admit that I would love to give it a try sometime!

  2. I’m really interested in doing this. I do “regular” scrapbooking and find that I get so caught up in the layout and embellishments that the pictures seem secondary almost. Not to mention the COST! oh my!

  3. Oh, careful with that digiscrapping! So many traditional scrappers end up selling all of their supplies!

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