Saturday we had a great visit with mom and dad.  I fixed lunch so we didn’t have to go out, and we just hung out and talked.  Matthew was a little pistol at first, but then he came around.  Mom sat and held puppy Linus while he slept, and got a bad case of puppy fever.  I promise I’ll get you one when you retire Mom!!  🙂 Love you Dad!!  🙂 

Brian left when they did.  There was an emergency racing meeting.  Boy was he in a good mood when he came home.  (detect sarcasm here)  Zach wanted a friend to come over, but by the time I had the kitchen cleaned up I didn’t want to go anywhere to pick up or take home.  That’s awful huh?  I tried to appease him by playing Monopoly.  We sat down to play the electronic version, all of the kids and me.   The property and prices have really changed.  Now you start out with $15 Million dollars on your credit card, and receive $2 Million for passing go.  I have 2 more things to say.  After 4 + hours of playing we decided to quit at bedtime and declare Zach the champion with over $41 Million dollars.  Matthew (yes, my 4 year old) was in second place, me in third with less than a Million, and Brooke quit when she landed on one of Zach’s properties with a Hotel and had to pay $10 Million.  What did I teach my kids?  Where have I gone wrong? 

Brooke and I left early yesterday morning for the dance competition.  It was another good one.  High Golds for all of her dances, and the Hip Hop group placed in the top 5 overall.  We had a nice lunch with our friends Deb and Madison, and came home to relax.  The relaxing didn’t last long, and then Brooke wanted me to sew a blanket for her.  Now, I am not Susie Homemaker.  I worked on pinning the top and bottom together, winding the bobbin, threading the needle, and totally stressed out to get it done before she went to bed.  Which I succeeded in doing.  I wouldn’t call the blanket a success though.  It looks really cute from the doorway of her room, but don’t step closer and examine the stitching!  Just look from a distance…


  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! Sounds like a great time was had by all. I can’t believe Monopoly! Not at all like it was when I was a kid.

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