Yesterday my 1 Peter 3 online group fasted and prayed again.  I did this a few weeks ago and it was amazing.  This time was a struggle in many different ways.  I woke up hungry, and in two hours I had fixed 3 breakfasts and packed 2 lunches.  My husband was home sick with the flu.  I sat down to write a prayer and my pen died.  I started to pray and a telemarketer called twice.  I had an annoying ringing in my ears that would not stop.  Ironically it is gone today!  And I just didn’t feel well.  My stomach hurt, I was queasy and light headed to boot!  I was under attack, both physically and mentally.  But I persevered and called on the Lord for my strength, and He provided.  He sustained me all day, until around 8:40 last night when I was able to eat.  I know that satan was scared of all the praying I was doing, and that’s why he was trying to pull me away.  It was hard yesterday, and I really struggled.  I was surprised to get online last night and find messages from several others in the group who struggled as well.  It is proof that there’s power in prayer.  I prayed for everyone that I prayed for last time, and added 8 more to the list.  I really prayed for a breakthrough in my family.  In the afternoon I got the chance to just sit and listen for Him after I prayed.  That was hard for me because of the distractions, and I just kept interjecting with more prayers and thoughts.  What I got from it was the number 6, and I kept hearing/singing a song we sang at church last week called On My Cross by Ffh.  Another song that was playing both times I got in the car to pick up my kids was Casting Crowns  East to West.  I thought both of the songs reflect working on me spiritually, and I was unsure what the number 6 meant.  A friend from 1 Peter 3 did some research on the number 6, and it is really interesting.  I’m having trouble uploading it, so I’ll have to post on that later.  The overall impression of yesterday’s fast was Faith, Obedience and Discipline.  God is at work, and He’s changing me too.  More later on the fast and meaning of number 6.


  1. I cannot tellyou how important your presence is at 1Peter3. Thank you for sharing your heart for fasting. I believe that the recent fast gave special meaning and heart to my personal reflection on Easter. Love you girl. Lynn

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