Works for Me Wednesday


We don’t have city water, we have a well.  Yeah, we live in the suburbs!  Our water is so hard and rusty.  We used to have a water softener, and then my husband had to disconnect it for some reason, I can’t remember why.  Anyway, it hasn’t worked for a while now.  We have a drip in the kids bathtub, and it leaves a really nice round rust stain.  I’ve tried all the recommended rust removers, and out of frustration one day I squirted a little of the Sno Bowl toilet cleaner on a toothbrush.  Ya know what, it worked really well.  Very little scrubbing and the stain was gone.  Be sure to read the label to see what you can use it on, but it works for me.  For more great ideas, check out Rocks in My Dryer.


  1. We have the same rust spot problem in our tub, and I use Barkeeper’s Friend. I haven’t tried the Sno Bowl – maybe when I run out of the Barkeeper’s Friend, I’ll pick some up!

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