Scrapbook Saturday

This past Saturday I had so much fun with my friend Deb.  For over 12 hours we scrapbooked, shopped and talked.  It was my first time to go, and the place was amazing.  So much stuff to shop for….hhmmm, sorry, I was just envisioning it all!  I’m one of those scrappers that loves the beautiful and elaborate pages but doesn’t want to take the time to make them.  Every now and then I will, but mostly it’s all about the pictures and the journaling.  Well, you can’t go to one of these places without being so totally intimidated into taking the time to make some of those pages.  I think we’d been there for around 7 hours when one lady calls out that she had 2 pages done.  What!?  I had 2 pages done before lunch!  At the end of the day, I had finished 23 pages, and am ready for Christmas of 2004.  Yes, I said 2004!  All in all, it was a good time and I have some “amazing” pages for my daughter.  (her word). 

I’m also excited to say that Creative Memories is coming out with true 12 x 12 pages!  No more trimming the scrapbook store paper to make it fit. 

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